Winter can be a trying time for the skin. To save ourselves from winter woes, we often do everything it takes to arm our faces from the biting cold. But do you realise that the other parts of your body like your heels can become a major target during this time too? Dry, cracked heels can be a common cause of concern in the winters. Think you fall prey to cracked heels every year? Here’s what you need to do.

Promise to moisturisecrack 2

You know how our throats feel parched when they’re dry and need water? Imagine that happening to your feet in the winters. Due to the loss of moisture content during the winters, our feet feel dehydrated and crack during this season. When it comes to moisturising, we’ve always relied on Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Apply some on your heels just before going to bed. Remember to wear cotton socks so the moisture is retained throughout the night and you can wake up to pretty feet the next morning.
Wear the right shoe sizecrack 1

It is very important to wear the correct size of shoes as your heels will move around in bigger sized shoes. This will lead to friction, which ultimately causes dry calluses and cracked feet. So you must make sure you choose shoes that are exactly your size so your heels have breathing space yet don’t move around.
Exfoliating is a mustcrack

If you really want to know how to heal cracked heels, opt for exfoliation. It is necessary to scrub your feet if you wish to stimulate circulation and have them feel smooth and soft. Take a quarter cup of honey and 1 tbsp of sugar to create a scrub. Soak your feet in warm water and rub the scrub on your heels and cuticles. The honey will moisturise your skin and keep it soft while the sugar will remove dead skin build up. With these easy tips, you should be able to say goodbye to cracked heels forever!

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