The most powerful work we can do is to heal ourselves and in doing so we can also heal the planet and its people.  The most powerful way, is to do the healing ourselves.  I’m talking about healing ourselves on the spiritual level which will then facilitate healing on the emotional and physical levels.

“This is the most that you can really do for all humankind, is to work on your own heart space …. and enabling, teaching, and showing and sharing with everyone else that they are their own healer. So that we can get out of savior-victim consciousness.”


It’s easy to play the victim and blame everyone and everything else for what happens to us.  The first step to becoming conscious and spiritually awake is to start taking responsibility for what we create in our life, for in creating those situations we are given the opportunity to grow and advance spiritually.


Mirroring is one of the most far-reaching tools to use to find out what it is that we need to heal within us.

When we meet someone who we deeply admire, it is our spirit reflecting back to us the qualities that we need to recognize in ourselves.  Also when we meet someone who ‘pushes our buttons’ that is a reflection on what we need to work on to heal.

To demonstrate how this actually works, I like to use the following story.  Many years ago, when I was living in a backpacker’s hotel, there was a woman who loved to wear very revealing tops and she loved the attention she was getting for it.

This really pushed my buttons, not because I wanted to walk around revealing myself and get the same attention, the mirror was showing me that this woman felt so comfortable with her body that she able to be proud of it and that I needed to work on my own self-esteem and loving my body just the way it was.

Mirror Work

what-is-your-intention-soul-twin-flame-awaken-L-ffYeacMirror work has been one of the tools that Louise Hay teaches.  It is a very simple and easy way to grow and to learn what underlying beliefs you have created in your childhood that  still operate in your subconscious.

It is as simple as looking into a mirror, into your eyes and saying “I love you, I really really love you” and noticing what comes up for you when you say this.

Do you feel worthy? Do you find it hard to accept? The more we love ourselves, the more the world will return the love, the more we will feel loved.

Regression Therapy

This has been the most life changing practice I have experienced.  There are a couple of different types of regression therapy.  One being Rebirthing, which is the journey back to your birth scenario where you can find out why you chose to come here, why you chose your parents and family and most importantly, your life purpose.Past-Life-Regression-Therapy-w270

Past life therapy is obviously regressing back to past lives relevant to your current life.  Your higher self always knows where to take you for the benefit of understanding where you are now, why certain patterns have been set up and why you are attracted to certain cultures and beliefs.

One thing I find fascinating with clients is that after a few sessions they get to see what they have chosen as their soul’s path.  It may be politics, health, spirituality or one of many others.

The most important thing to remember with regression therapy is that the therapist is simply your guide, it is your higher self that does the healing by showing you that glimpse of the past, whether in this life or the past, that needs healing.

Life Coaching

why-you-need-a-life-coach1Just as an athlete has a sports coach to enable them to be their best, a Life Coach guides their clients to find the best in themselves.  Whether it be a Wellness Coach to guide you physically or a Spiritual Coach to guide you spiritually.

Life Coaches are not counsellors or healers and are trained in coaching their clients to reach goals in self-healing.  They create a safe space for you to share your deepest fears and your strongest aspirations.

There are many forms of self-healing such as meditation, yoga and other practices.  The most important thing to remember is that the energy of healing comes from your heart and not your head.  What you gain from this profoundly significant work is your spiritual growth, the advancement of humanity, your life’s purpose and true happiness.

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