5 Life-Saving Baby Powder Hacks

Whether you want to fake faux-lashes (sans the glue), untangle your fave necklaces, or get a greasy pizza stain out of your new top, this amazing (and cheap!) powder works like MAGIC. Here are seven surprising uses for baby powder that will pretty much change your life.

1. Plump Your Lashes Apply two coats of mascara; then dip a cotton swab in baby powder and brush it onto your lashes. Finish with two more coats of mascara and boom—major lashes without the hassle of falsies!

2. Untangle Necklaces Pesky little knots don’t stand a chance when you have baby powder! Just dump some on your necklaces to help loosen the chains, and make detangling SO much easier.

3. Use As Dry Shampoo Fake squeaky-clean hair by rubbing baby powder into both your hands and then running it through your roots. The powder will sop up the extra oil and add volumizing texture! Just brush it through to absorb the white powder.

 4. Remove Sand Spending the day at the beach is the best. Getting sand in your shoes, bag, and everywhere else? Not the best. Sprinkle baby powder anywhere you want to remove stuck-on sand, and you’ll be amazed at how it dusts off with barely any effort.

5. Get Out Grease Stains You wear your cute new tee to your friend’s party only to spill pizza, a hamburger, basically any greasy food right down the front of it. Before you wash it, dab a cotton ball full of baby powder onto the stain, and let it sit for an hour. It’ll soak up all the grease, and your tee will be as good as new!

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