What A True Love is? Myths vs. Realities of Great Love

I think that idea of Great Love has been unfortunately misconstrued for a long time. Books, movies and the media in general have exploited the idea, spinning Great Love as either something out of an adult film or your nearest romance novel. This is, of course, a huge mistake that creates false perceptions about how relationships work in the real world — love tends to be a little more complicated than what the media portrays. To help combat the misrepresentation of what true love is, we’ve compiled a list of myths and realities about it.

#5. MYTH:

Great Love means being starry-eyed and happy forever and ever. If you’re unhappy in your relationship, it must not be a true love.


Great love means that challenging situations are temporary and do not necessarily dictate or define the fate of the relationship. In solid relationships, both partners will find a way to work through problems and see the person they love underneath it all. It requires a certain amount of unconditional love to do so. Apologies in this arena are crucial, and it’s important to remember that you’re on the same team. Great love doesn’t mean there won’t be rough patches, but it’s the ability to work through those rough patches and not turn away from them that makes a solid relationship.


#4. MYTH:

Great Love means grand gestures, candle lit dinner, rose petals and romantic walks in the sunset.


Great Love can mean all of those things, if you want it to. It also means late nights covered in kid-puke, kissing your husband goodbye before he’s brushed his teeth and being cool with the fact that your wife’s version of “dressing up” on the weekend means she put on her new yoga pants.

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