6 Super Easy Magic Tricks To Impress Girls At A Party

Impressing girls, hitting on them with any hope for a positive response has become something of a rarity in the 21st century, which is kind of a bummer for most men and women, too. We like to be wooed in a direct sense. But we also want it to be different from the run-off-the-mill stuff. No more cheesy pick-up lines!

Enter Urban Shaman—two extremely cool dudes, Azhar Pirani and Ian Fernandes, who make all our magician-fantasies (yes, women have those) come true! So here’s a guide to help you through the painful business of breaking the ice with women by using the likes of what Urban Shaman does best, or what we muggles like to call “Magic”!

All you do is have these 6 simple tricks up your sleeves.

1. Napkin Knot

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Ideal for: A lunch date, while you’re awaiting your order.

The Setup: Lay out a standard cloth napkin, and tell her that you can tie it in a knot without ever letting go of one of the sides.

The Trick: All you have to do is fold your arms, before picking up the napkin. Once you’ve got it, pull your arms apart and the napkin will be forced into a knot.

2. Shot Glass Pick Up

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Ideal for: At a bar; to a woman you just met.

The Setup: Fill up a shot glass halfway, then tell her that you can lift it up with the palm of your hand, using just the palm of your hand, no fingers and no cupping the glass.

The Trick: You need to use 100-proof alcohol for this to work. Get a match and set the alcohol on fire. Place your palm tightly over the glass. You won’t burn your hand. When the flame goes out, it will create vacuum that will suck the glass up into your hand.

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3. Newspaper Opener

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Ideal for: While you’re hanging out at her place.

The Setup: Everyone can open a bottle with a bottle opener, a few people can open a bottle with the edge of a table or a lighter, but you can open the bottle with a newspaper.

The Trick: Roll up the newspaper, flatten it and the bend it in half. This should create some sturdy, jagged edges. Then, similar to the way you’d open the bottle with a lighter, use the edges of your newspaper to send that bottle cap flying.

4. Cigarette Bend


Ideal for: When you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends, and she is among them.

The Setup: Cigarettes are extremely delicate. However, you can bend a cigarette in half without breaking it.

The Trick: Roll the cigarette inside a 100-rupee note and then bend it all the way in half. Straighten it out again, unroll it and show everyone that it’s still intact.

5. Whiskey Swap

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Ideal for: An intimate dinner date.

The Setup: There is a shot of water and a shot of whiskey on the table. You, dear wizard, can get the two shots to switch glasses without pouring either of them into another vessel (not even your mouth).

The Trick: Using a business card as a lid, place the shot of water face down on top of the shot of whiskey and slowly pull it back until you create a small opening between the two glasses. You will need some practise and dexterity for this. The water will sink into the shot of whisky while pushing the whisky upward. A few seconds later, you will have successfully swapped the water and whiskey shots.

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6. Leg Control

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Ideal for: At an outdoorsy adventure trip, or even a picnic.

The Setup: They can’t fully control their body. If their left ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and cheek are in a straight line perpendicular to the floor then they won’t be able to lift their right leg.

The Trick: Tell them to touch their left ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and cheek to the wall so that they are all in a straight line perpendicular to the floor. They won’t be able to lift their right leg. Challenge them all you want.

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