How 6 Years Old Kid Receives $2,000 (Around Rs.1,35,000) From Facebook. (Nihal Raj)

Can you evee imagine yourself doing anything That leaves mark in the world, at the age of 6? Well not many of us can imagine that.  But, Nihal Raj, is one of those ‘many’ who leaves a mark in the world when he grows up, because right now, at the mere age of six, this kid has become a phenomenon in himself. Nihal Raj, a six year old chef is a true wonder kid who has magic in his hands.He ows his own YouTube channel, KichaTube HD. And when a creative agency that makes ads for Facebook spotted one of his cooking videos, they decided to buy the rights for his Mickey Mouse Mango ice cream, and rewarded him with $2000 in return.
take a look at this cute little chef’s master recipe below!

Nihal Raj’s tiny hands can make some really delicious food items!


Nihal’s dad got quite the surprise!


“At the time I didn’t know, but the next day, when I got a mail I realised that it was from a casting company for Facebook,”exclaimed the kid’s father- Rajagopal V. Krishnan.


Nihal’s dad has some great advice for all parents out there!


He says, motivate your kids towards their passion

The boy bagged a big prize!


Earning $2000 at the age of six. Now that’s something!


No wonder his hands are magic.07

In his video, he clearly explains his master recepie

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