7 Coolest Things About Love & Life That Only Deepika Padukone Could Tell!

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh must be the most hottest couple in B-town! With their far as well adorable explanations about each other, and taking a look at their great chemistry together, there’s no denying it! In a recent visit with Filmfare, Deepika talked about love and life, and particularly about the sort of man she needs. When she was quizzed on what she’d do if her man loved another woman,, she clarified that she needs her man to be just hers. All things considered, appears genuine! But she said other amazing things as well.

1. When she was asked if she had been in a situation where her man was in love with someone else and she had to fight to get him back.



“I’ve been in that situation and for that very reason I wouldn’t want to be in such a situation again. The relationship didn’t work out for whatever reasons. But I need my man to be mine. I need attention from him. I need to be loved. I need to be nurtured. I also need peace and stability in my relationships.”

2. On similarities between her character ‘Mastani’ and herself in real life.



“I could identify and relate to her. Feelings of destruction and pain are processed internally. She was not just a warrior by profession. She was also a warrior from within.”

3. When asked if it was difficult to portray chemistry with ex Ranbir Kapoor in Tamasha.



“I believe chemistry is based on the trust between two performers. What actually works is something intangible – being extremely comfortable in each other’s presence and like you said being completely naked and just letting go. Imtiaz Ali noticed this about Ranbir and me – there’s a lot of comfort and a trust that we will take care of each other during the scene. We’re not trying to be one up on each other. It’s not like ‘this is my scene, I’m going to steal the scene’ or ‘this is his scene and I’m going to overshadow him’.”

4. She said that she’s not into live-in relationships and she’ll only move in with her husband.



“I’ll only move in with my husband. There’s no question of a live-in relationship. There are all kinds of relationships, all kinds of equations. I may not personally endorse them but I’ve begun to accept and understand that it’s all okay. I’m nobody to judge the equations, however strange they may be. But at the same time I go back to my home and live in the traditional way in which I’ve been brought up.

5. From Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani to Tamasha, she also talked about her journey in Bollywood with Ranbir Kapoor.



“I’ve learnt a lot from Ranbir. I’m in awe of him as an actor. I want to watch his every process. I want to know all before he gives every shot – is he learning his lines, is it all internal, is he locking himself up in a room and doing rehearsals because it’s not possible to be that good, that effortless without doing anything! I refuse to believe that.”

6. And if Ranveer is really secure, for her to be working with her ex.


“Is he secure? You have to ask him. How secure or insecure is my boyfriend? I can’t answer that question on his behalf. It would be unfair. But what I will definitely say is that I’m going to take a bit of credit for that. I also make it easier by being honest about my feelings for all the people in my life, good, bad, past and present. I’m very, very clear and honest that this is how it is. I make the relationship easier if at all.”

7. Deepika also explained that her life as an actress is not all rosy and that she has worked hard for it.

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“I’ve been through the grind where I’ve come home and there’s no dinner. I’ve forgotten to order it and I’ve slept on an empty stomach. I can proudly say that I own my home today and I’ve worked bloody hard for it. I’ve travelled by train and taxi after finishing work in the middle of the night, being on the phone all the while with my mother because she wanted to know whether I’d reached home safely. I’ve entered my home, locked the door and also made sure that no one has followed me back. I don’t take all this for granted. On my dining table, every chair is mine. I’m proud of my work. I’m protective about my work. I’m guarded about it. It’s something nobody can take away from me because it’s mine.”



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