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7 Sexy Surprises That will Make Your Days (and Nights) More Pleasurable

Wanna know a secret? Between long hours at the office, household chores, and screaming babies, many of us have put sex on the back burner. And, while this is totally natural, it’s necessary to make the time and effort to get it on the front burner and crank that baby up to high. Men love spontaneity. It’s sexy, it’s fun, and it ensures there’s never a dull moment when you’re together. If your plan is to catch him off guard and drive him wild, we know just the tricks to try.Turn the heat up at home with these sexy ideas.

1. Boudoir photo shoot

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This sexy surprise can happen in two ways. You can either get these photos done and printed for your partner and hand the pictures to him while you are lying in bed after you’ve already had sex. After all, when your partner sees you in these sexy poses, he will be more than ready for another round in bed with you.

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Or, you can do the second way which is even more personal and intimate. You can hand your partner a camera and tell them that the two of you are doing a boudoir photo shoot for each other. As he take photos of you in the various sexy poses, he will be getting more and more turned on and will be ready to go. You will also be feeling the same as you take photos of your partner until you both can’t take it anymore, and will be dying to jump into bed together.

2. Special delivery

Send him a pair of your undies and, no, not those comfy grandma panties, either. I had a girlfriend who sent one of her sexy thongs to her husband at the office and, needless to say, it had the intended effect.

3. Enjoy your no clothes day

That’s right; spend your day with your partner with absolutely no clothes on. Stay in your room together all day, enjoy each others company and body, and relax and connect. If you want to take this sexy surprise for your partner to the next level, order in their favorite meal, and tell them that the dress code for dinner is no clothes.
This will surely be something that will blow their mind as this surprise is very sensual, sexy, exciting, and intense.

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4. Serve Yourself For Dessert

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After you’ve both enjoyed a delicious meal, it’s time for a one-of-a-kind dessert in bed. Get some flavored lubes, or serve dessert on your body. Whipped cream on skin goes on surprisingly well, and it takes the art of licking to a whole other level. Flavored lubes work well, too, and they’re available at most every drugstore or online if you’re shy.

5. Sexperiment

Do some homework and find a new position or location to try. Find a book, look it up, get inventive because the same old routine gets really dull. Make a rule to avoid missionary style for at least two weeks, and replace it with other more creative positions. Play around, experiment and see what works for both of you. Take turns taking pleasure. If you always make love in the bed, consider taking a shower together, or head for the back yard.

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6. Rose petal trail

Yes, as cheesy as this surprise may seem, it is still a sexy surprise.
Leave a trail of rose petals that will lead your partner through the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Be at the last sexy surprise destination and be ready to ravish your partner in a night of love, luxury, and fun.
The great part of this surprise is that it will have different parts to it. Each component will include new settings where you will be able to do new activities. For example, in the bathtub, you can lather up, massage, and do sexual acts for your partner. As for in the kitchen, you can both eat, or just devour each other right then and there. Lastly, in the bedroom, you can both make love or have sex in your bed, where you can then talk and cuddle together until you both fall asleep intertwined together.

7. Boogie Night

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Surprise him with a striptease. Select clothing that unfastens with only a few snaps or buttons so that you can smoothly unveil. It’s all about winding yourself up as well as him. And don’t forget heels, the higher the better. In the end, they should be your last article of clothing left on. Touch yourself in a way that makes you feel hot—it’s an erotic homerun as far as tantalizing goes.

There may be some other sexy surprises you can do for them that they would absolutely love. No matter what sexy surprise you chose to do for your partner, remember to also show them how much they mean to you, and how much you love! Enjoy your days of love, after all, you should show your partner how much they mean to you every day. Don’t let the romance and fun die out.

If you can think of any other sexy surprises that will blow your partners, feel free to share!

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