7 Signs Your Crush Likes You Back

How to Tell for Sure if Someone Likes You


Since people don’t always use actual words to express their feelings, sometimes you’ll have to resort to looking for unconscious signs that your crush likes you back.  If 3 or more of the below signs are true, there’s a good chance your crush likes you back.  (Of course, you could always just ask them out and see what they say.)

1.  She Wants to Talk to You

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Even a pretty shy person will try to get close to you (either in person or through words) if she likes you.  Bonus points if she calls you up out of the blue, just to talk.  On the flip side, if your crush never seems to initiate conversations or return your calls and texts, then it’s probably a lost cause.

2.  He Brags About Himself to You


If he always seems to be telling you stories that demonstrate how awesome he is, he’s trying to prove himself to be worthy of you.  It’s sort of like the human equivalent of peacocks showing off their feathers.  Yeah, it’s a little pathetic…but if you like him back, then I’m sure you won’t mind.

3.  You Catch Him Looking at You

d122c87d-948f-4707-b25a-0515576ea8d7Of course, this doesn’t count if you’ve been staring at him for the past hour, hoping to get his attention, and he catches you in the act.  It only counts if you glance over at him and caught him in mid-stare.

4.  She Laughs at Your Jokes – Even If They’re Not Funny


If she likes you, she’ll be charmed by even the dumbest stuff that comes out of your mouth.

5.  He Treats You Differently Than Other Girls


If he’s sending you “I like you” vibes, they don’t mean anything if he flirts the same way with everyone.  For instance, if he’s a notorious flirt, then he’ll act shyer and more genuine around the girl he really likes.

6.  Her Friends Tease Her About You


If her friends know she likes you, they won’t be able to keep their traps shut when you’re around.  So watch them closely for signs that they know something you don’t.


7.  He Gets Into Stuff You Like


Is your non-punk crush suddenly downloading your favorite Green Day album?  Did your jocko crush audition for the school play you told him you were trying out for?  It’s probably ’cause he wants to have something to talk to you about, or he wants to prove that you guys are totally made for each other.

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