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Ok, so the here’s the skinny on summer makeup looks: You can do ANYTHING you want. Yes! It’s summer time, so you don’t t need to be stuck in a box! Throw out that heavy foundation and your dark black shadows and go for these great looks for summer makeup! They are fresh, interesting, and most of all, summery! During summer time it’s easy to go from day to night with the simple addition of lipstick or liner. That’s because when it’s summertime, you don’t need all the add-ons! You’ve got bronze skin, so let it show through and forego the face full of makeup! I think you will love my 7 summer makeup looks if you keep on reading.

1. AU NATURALau natural look

This is my all time favorite summer makeup look. I say let your skin show through! Dab on a little clear gloss and maybe some mascara and head out the door to that beach party! You don’t need a ton of makeup to be beautiful! You are already as pretty as can be. If you feel like you must use something on your skin, use a tinted moisturizer in place of a thick foundation. You will still get a bit of coverage without looking so heavy!

2. BRONZE BABEbronze look

It’s time to go golden, baby! You’re already looking so tan and fine from all this summer sun, so why not simply accent that? Apply a bronzer to your cheekbones, down your nose and your forehead-all the places where sun naturally hits your face. Just use a light hand and go for a matte bronzer. Sparkly bronzer on your face is an overkill! Then, you can apply a shimmery bronze shadow to your lids and a bronze or light tan gloss on your lips. Finish of the look with mascara and get ready for lots of stares! Don’t be afraid to blend the bronzer down into your neck as well.


It’s summer time, so that means you can be a little braver and experiment a little bit! You know those eye shadow palettes you see in the store with super bright colors that look totally neon? Well, today, you are going to buy one, and use it! Yes, you! You don’t need any other makeup outside of that except for maybe a little clear gloss. If you aren’t sure how to use bright eyeshadows without looking like a clown (yes, it is possible), then look up some tutorials on YouTube. There are some fantastic ones out there! You will be sure to find one you love!


I love this summer makeup look, but then, I was always a sucker for the 50’s era! Sometimes I think I should have been born then! Do a total retro look today-you’ll rock it! Long lashes coated with black mascara, perfectly smooth skin, and bright red lips will be a bomb for any summer party! If you’re not into red lipstick, or lipsticks in general, go with a red lip balm or gloss! They have high pigmented ones that you can tone down to the level you like. Be bold today and just go for it!

5. PRETTY AS A PICTUREpretty makeup

I always said if I was stranded on a desert island and I could only have one makeup item, it would be blush. Blush is so pretty, and in my opinion, it ties a look completely together! For this summer makeup look, you will need a pastel pink eyeshadow, a bubblegum pink lipgloss, and a bright pink blush. Apply them all and voila! Pretty as a picture! Don’t hesitate to try vibrant blushes. They will make you seem to glow from the inside out! Just use a light hand.

6. BOLD AND BEAUTIFULbold and beautiful makeup

You’ve always heard it said that the eyes are the window to the soul. Well, there IS something to be said about a woman’s eyes! They can be seductive, charming, alluring and pretty all at once! So for this summer look, you’re going to highlight that! Your sole makeup item needed for this look is eyeliner, preferably black. Line your eyes tops and bottom and smoke it out. I know I told you to steer clear of dark makeup in the summer, but a dark-lined eye with no shadow, mascara and nude lips will look so breezy and effortless, not to mention sexy. So go for it!

7. COLOR ME CUTEcolorul makeup

This is one of the most fun summer looks to play with. You don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of colored eyeliners for days when you want to add a pop or color. Those things can get expensive! No, instead you need nothing more than an eyeliner brush and your brightly colored eyeshadows. I love┬áthe ones by L’Oreal. Now, apply your eyeliner as usual, then dip the eyeshadow brush in water. Now apply the color of shadow of your choice as a liner-over your regular liner! My favorite colors for this fun option are aqua, purple, navy blue and green.

With these fabulous summer makeup looks, you will have something different for every day of the week! Don’t feel like you have to get stuck doing the same look every single day. It’s summer, so break out of the box and celebrate it!


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