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7 Super Best Homemade Night Creams To Look Beautiful Everyday

Now a day’s getting a good quality night crème product is a battle. You can’t get the entire feature in one cream. Some cream will help in Anti aging process, while some helps in removing dark spots. To find all the quality in one cream is really difficult. Then why not try making night creams at home itself? When you relax at night, your body and skin relaxes too. That is perhaps the best time for a skin cream to get into action and bring on some miraculous results. So, make a night cream at home, pamper your skin, and enlighten it in hours of darkness.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at these awesome homemade night creams for skin whitening.

1. Moisturizing Olive Oil Night Cream

Olive oil is used in almost all homes. For this home made crème olive oil is must. It clinches the moisture in your skin. The other important ingredient is coconut oil. It restores both beauty and health of your skin.Vitamin E presents in the cream reconstruct and safeguard the skin.

How to prepare it:

Mix one-fourth cup of extra virgin olive oil, one teaspoon of coconut oil, and one teaspoon of beeswax in a pot. Heat it in a double boiler till the beeswax starts melting. Whip it up until it gets to a smooth and fluffy consistency. You can add a vitamin E capsule to it and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Store it in a jar and apply every night to a clean, dry face by rubbing the cream in a circular motion on your skin.

2. Cocoa Butter Wrinkle Cream

Coca butter works best for dull and dry skin. By using this crème you will get wrinkle free and soft skin.

How to prepare it:

Melt cocoa butter in a double boiler. Add virgin olive oil and coconut oil to it. Mix well to make a smooth paste. Store it in a cool and dark place. Apply overnight for effective results.

3. Night Cream For Glowing Skin

Did you know that green tea does magic when it comes to improving skin tone. In a cup of green tea, add coconut oil, lemon and almond oil. The application is used once in a week as a face mask to make your dark skin fair.

How to prepare it:

Mix two spoons full of pure beeswax with a few drops of almond oil, coconut oil and two spoons of rose hip seed oil. Put them in a double boiler and let them all melt. In the meantime, make green tea solution by opening and brewing an entire teabag of green tea in a glass of water. Add this solution to the double boiler, mix well and strain the entire mixture through a sieve. Now whip this mixture with a hand blender until you get a fluffy consistent cream. Store it in a jar and apply every night after washing and patting your face dry.

4. Apple Night Cream

Apples are a rich source of vitamins A, B, C, malic acid, beta-carotene, as well as antioxidants that are vital for a glowing and younger-looking skin. This homemade night cream will sooth acne, heal scars, regenerate skin tissues, and smells simply great.

How to prepare it:

Cut an apple into small slices and blend them with two teaspoons of olive oil or rose oil or almond oil until it gets a smooth consistency. Bring it to a warm temperature in a double boiler. Now, add two teaspoons of rose water. You can also add turmeric, honey, nutmeg or cinnamon to reduce acne. Apply it every night to a clean, dry face for optimal results.

5. Aloe Vera Night Cream

If you are sick and tired with acne and blemishes, and over the counter treatment creams have not been of much help to you, why not try making an anti-acne aloe vera night cream at home? This will work wonders on your skin, if you apply it religiously. Apart from relieving your acne problem, aloe vera will also keep your skin soft and supple during the harsh summer days.

How to prepare it:

Take aloe vera extract from the plant and mix it with primrose oil. Add a spoon full of lavender oil to it. Mix it well and apply every night before sleeping.

6. Turmeric Lemon Night Cream

For a bright and glowing skin, and a lighter complexion, try some ingredients from your kitchen that can work miracles. We have all heard about this one from our grandmothers, but we tend to forget with time.

How to prepare it:

Soak almonds overnight. Peel and grind them next morning. Add turmeric, curd, lemon juice, and sandalwood powder and saffron to it. Mix well and store it in a refrigerator. It will last for a week. Just apply this every night.

7. Almond Oil Night Cream

If you have dry skin, almond oil can be a wondrous constituent of a night cream for skin replenishment and smoothness.

How to prepare it:

Melt cocoa butter in a boiler along with almond oil. On cooling, add rose water and honey, and mix well. Store in a refrigerator and apply daily.

Use these homemade night creams instead of the cosmetics sold in the market. Night creams work best if applied to a clean and dry face. It is very important to remove all the makeup before the application. Night creams should be massaged well for five minutes not only on the face, but also on the neck and finger tips. Stay beautiful, always! 

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