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7 Types of Sandals to Invest in This Summer

Summer is the season of outdoor dining, rosé, and, unfortunately, sweaty feet. When the heat kicks in closed-toe shoes are not an option, but this year’s crop of sandals will make you forget what an ankle boot even looks like. Check out our comprehensive guide to the seven must-have sandals every woman should have stocked in her closet this season.


Get it HereThese are the sandals you’ll wear all through Summer and even deep into fall. They. Go. With. Everything. The low, comfy heel will work with you all day, from the office to happy hour to dinner and finally to an I-shouldn’t-be-doing-this-but-who-cares nightcap.


THE PRINTED WEDGE2016-06-05 (1)

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Nothing screams summer like a colorful wedge. They are made to be worn with sundresses, denim skirts, white frilly tops, and everything else you wear during the warmer months.


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A pair of hyper-decorated sandals make for an instant mood-booster. Try this pair by Elina Linardaki, a designer known for her pompom gladiators, or make a pit-stop at a craft store and DIY your own.



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This classic sandal is a must-have all year round. If you haven’t snatched one up yet, try this bow-tied take on the minimalist heel every actress in Hollywood wears.

THE PAJAMA SANDAL2016-06-05 (5)

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The babouche had a moment this spring, but this season swap it out for its cousin, the pajama sandal.



 2016-06-05 (6)

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We know, we know—the clog reinvents itself every season; there’s an “it” version every year. Two years ago it was Prada and last summer everyone wore the knotted Saint Laurents. 2016 belongs to this curvaceous Alexander McQueen runway heel, complete with embroidered flowers.




Pool slides are usually a riff on nasty flip flops you’ve owned for entirely too long. Upgrade your style with this sophisticated slide from Mango, priced so well that you won’t mind if you’re wearing them when you’re “accidentally” shoved in the pool.

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