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8 Classic Ways to Style Black and White Outfits

How is the long weekend going on so far for all of you? Mine has been terrific. Saturday was mostly a good company with coffee while I was being a couch potato. This gave me a lot of time to think and write. There’s nothing chicer or easier than pairing an outfit that’s purely black and white. And they work for pretty much every occasion.


1. White bottom, black topblack

The freshest way to wear black and white is to pair a solid black top with a white bottom (skirts, shorts or jeans). This is a great look if you are top heavy because the black de-emphasizes your top. Go and experiment, ladies! Go for retro collars, bubble skirts but don’t remain basic!

2. Printed

black 1
No need to be shy away from mixing black and white prints with solids. A nice printed outfit will spice up your whole look and nobody will dare call you a boring minimalist. These two colors together in one perfect printed dress is anything but boring.

3. OvercoatsBlack-White-Outfits25-640x994

If you have bright features, and your hair, and skin make you stand out no matter what you wear, then you can definitely pull off a big white overcoat. If you want to try something similar but have pale skin, change the accents and use a big black coat with white accessories and underclothes instead.

4. Business-likeblack 3

Black and white is traditional colors for office outfits. Everyone is aware of the standard rule: white top, black bottom; and it works perfectly if you need to look serious and professional. A black pencil skirt with a crisp white shirt and a bright pendant will ensure your success at any business meeting or seminar. Another way – mix a tailored jacket over a sheer pretty print.

5. Layers

Layering is a huge trend for the year. Here is one way you can utilize your summer clothes during winters. Use different colors for different layers, and as they smoothly flow into each other, you will have a new outstanding look. Tall women can pull this look off really well. If that’s not you, then what are heels for! 😉

6. Polka dots

polka dots dress
Dots, dots, dots and dots everywhere! They are just perfect for a summery look. It can be skater dress or a polka dot blouse or even pants. You can pair a block white shirt with black and white dots on the pants. The white dots in the pants will cut the black and make it vibrant.


7. Add textureslack 5

Solid black and white can look a little bland, so spice up your look with plenty of texture. The texture can come from finishes (like leather), fabric treatments (like pleats, or ruffles or even tassels) or from embellishment (like embroidery). These are just a few options, sky is the limit when it comes to fashion.

8. Add a pop of color

pink clutch
The safest way to add a pop of color to any outfit is to start with black. The great thing about black is that it matches any color, and it’s a great canvas for making those colors pop. Maybe it’s your first date and you have an amazing little black dress picked out; it doesn’t mean your shoes, clutch or jewelry have to be black as well. Adding a hot pink clutch, or a neon yellow shrug, or an electric blue statement necklace takes your look from ordinary to eye catching.

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