8 Most Haunted Train Stations In India

Talking about railway stations in India automatically brings a chaotic picture to our mind with all the more people packed railway stations. It is difficult to imagine Indian railway stations empty and lonely. But these haunted train stations from different places in India are known for just that – their spooky stories. Have a look!

1. Ludhiana Railway Stationhaunted station1

Most of the Ludhiana Railway Stations are considered completely fine and frequented by travellers and station workers and other people at every hour of the day. However, there is one tiny room tucked away in the corner of the Reservation Centre, which still sends chills down everybody’s spine. The story behind this closed room is that a former Computer Reservation System (CRS) officer, Subhash who loved his job, died in this room in 2004. People believe that it was this love for his job that didn’t let him leave even after death, and he still makes his presence felt in that office of the Reservation Centre where he used to work. Whoever tried to sit there has faced difficulties and problems. Few had unreasonable fights while others even faced legal troubles. All officers don’t dare sit in his spot and have even performed some sacred rites there, to get rid of the spirit.

2. Chittoor railway Station, Andhra Pradeshhaunted station2

The story behind the Chittoor Railway Station being in a troublesome state is that a CRPF official, Hari Singh was allegedly attacked by RPF personnel and a couple of TTEs on duty on a New Delhi-bound Kerala Express on October 31, 2013. Hari Singh, with serious injuries, got down at Chittoor railway station in the early hours after the train passed Katpadi junction. He was admitted to the local government hospital in Chittoor and was later shifted to Chennai, where he succumbed to injuries 10 days later. Allegedly, his spirit hovers over the platforms ‘in search of justice’.

3. Naini Railway Station, Uttar Pradeshhaunted station6

At Naini Railway station, nothing in particular has been seen but a ghostly presence has been felt here. Possibilities are that it might be because of the unfortunate souls of the freedom fighters who perished in Naini Jail, not too far from the station.

4. MG Road Metro Station, Gurgaonhaunted station3

The MG Road Metro Station in Gurgaon has rather a spooky and horrifying horror story of being haunted by the spirit of an old lady who screams along beside the train, with her eyes and tongue bulging out. The story is pretty basic, that she died a few years ago in an accident in this station, and has been haunting the station and the trains that pass through here.

5. Dwarka Sectoe 9 Metro Station, New Delhihaunted station4

A lady in white is known to haunt the area adjacent and around the Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station in Delhi. It is believed, the spirit of the lady runs behind people in car, sometimes even allegedly slaps them, knocks against the door, and traumatizes the poor late night travellers.

6. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station, Kolkatahaunted station5

One of the prime destinations in the Kolkata Metro Line, the Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station is haunted by ghosts of all those who have died here. A record number of passengers have committed suicide in this metro station, by jumping into the way of an oncoming train. If you dare to stay back in this station even after the last train for the day has left, you’re sure to see shadows lurking at the corner of your eye and the resonating sad screams of many travellers who met their end here.

7. Begunkodor Train Station, West Bengalhaunted station7

Being one of the most scariest railway station, the Begunkodor Train Station in West Bengal remained closed for 42 years because of the haunting that was troubling it. The story has it that whenever an unknown lady in a white saree made an appearance near the station, somebody would die at the station. The last incident in 1967 led to the station remaining shut for 42 years till CM of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee decided to reopen it for the people.

8. Barog Station, Shimla

haunted station8

The Barog Railway Station lies very close to the Tunnel no. 33 also known as the Barog Tunnel, which frequently sees paranormal activity. The tunnel was constructed by Colonel Barog, an engineer who committed suicide after being humiliated in front of his workers. It is believed that he shot himself while taking a stroll and was buried near the tunnel, which was then incomplete. Since then, he is seen wandering around the tunnel to make his presence felt.

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