7 Secrets That Shy Guys Will Never Tell You

If you’re a shy person, you probably know that, in terms of body language (and actual body language, probably), the line between displaying if you like or hate someone is very, very thin. It’s so thin, in fact, that some might say that the two are entirely indistinguishable from one another. This tends to make things complicated when you–whether you consider yourself to be shy or not–like someone who is definitely shy and can’t really tell if they’re trying to flirt or are just kind of looking in your general direction.

But just because someone is shy doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to figure our whether or not they like you! There is a bunch of self-proclaimed shy guys say what they do when they like someone. Unsurprisingly, much of their flirting techniques have a lot of meaningful glances and positive thinking involved, but there are also some things that might actually surprise you. Here are some secrets that shy guys will never tell you. Well, they’ll never tell you unless you ask them , I guess:

They Make A Lot Of Effort To Talk To YouKFHVJ 1

I just give them a bit more attention than everybody else every once in a while. I may sweat bullets while doing it but damn it I’m getting the job done.

You’re Always On Their MindMale student hiding behind a book

In college there was this one girl in a lecture who sat in front of me and I’d get bored and start staring at her tattoos (had a bunch) and every time she would catch me, I’d immediately turn away. This went on for most of the semester without ever talking. About a week before the semester ended I ran into her at a party and she said “Finally!” and immediately started making out with me.

‘Looking’ Is The #1 Flirting Technique

By staring at them but as soon as she looks at me, I look away.

Showing You Slightly More Interest Is A BFD

If he shows more interest in you than he does to some other people, and is willing to talk to you at all, that might be a sign he’s interested.

They FreezeShy woman and man sitting on sofa couch next each other. First date. Attractive girl and handsome guy meeting dating and trying to talk. Male touching picking up female.

Last night a group of friends spent the night at one house and the girl I kind of had my eye on was hiding into my chest during the scary movie, and we slept in the same position. I didn’t even so much as put my arm around her. I froze.

They Overthink Things

I either completely ignore them, or hang out with them for awhile, and get stuck being afraid of moving too fast, then 6 months later cringe at myself, stop talking to them out of embarrassment, and repeat the process all over again. my signs that I was interested were basically this: I’d look at them for longer, it wasn’t intentional or anything, just something I naturally did, and there were a few others, but I gave up on this sort of thing a few years ago. I’m a very sociable person when we’re just having conversation, but when I’m trying to show interest, I usually think, “I need a stronger sign before I act so I don’t look stupid or like I’m going to sexually assault her.”

They Use Different Approaches For Each SituationKFHVJ 3

When texting, we’ll generally always compliment you or make you feel better about yourself when you feel uncomfortable or unable to do something. We’ll be very nice and you won’t really notice we talk about anything depressing/unhappy. When with groups of friends in real life when we thought we said something funny the first person we look to is you, with a half-smile. We tend to look around because we’re afraid of eye contact. When it’s just the two of you he talks in a calm voice and looks you deep in the eye, while doing the general looking around every once in a while. Other signs: He knows what you’re up to, asks how your day went, memorizes any upcoming events that may come up in your life, but he doesn’t show that because he’s afraid of sounding creepy.

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