8 Sensible Morning Habits That Will Change Your Life for Better

Morning rituals enable us to connect with ourselves for a little while before the busy day really kicks off. They keep us grounded, give us some perspective, and set the tone for the entire day. These healthy habits are also essential for our emotional and psychological health both now, and into the future. Setting up a beneficial morning routine today will see us stay the course throughout our lives, even when times get hard.

Here are some morning habits that will change your life:

1. Start your day early

No, this does not mean you begin your day at the crack of dawn, but it doesn’t mean start your day at 8 a.m. either. Early-risers have one incredible advantage over their still-asleep counterparts – the luxury of quiet surroundings in which to kick start their day. Early morning is the time you are most at peace and your mind is at its clearest. This is the best time to set a schedule for the rest of the day, write a journal entry, meditate or simply take a barefoot stroll through your garden and connect with nature.

2. Drink lemon and honey water

This is an easy and refreshing habit that everyone should try. Upon waking, squeeze the juice from half a lemon and honey into a glass of warm water and sip. The hot water (or warm) wakes up a sleepy liver and sluggish colon after the night, the lemon a liver cleanse and the honey, with its anti-bacterial properties, adding a boost of immunity. Plus, drinking water is proven to boost metabolism – just what you need upon waking. You may also enjoy a stress free start to the day thanks to this tonic as the smell of lemon can actually reduce levels of stress and depression.

3. Practice Meditation

After rising, take just ten to fifteen minutes to practice the ancient art of meditation. Meditation is an incredibly beneficial mental exercise which can lower blood pressure, ease chronic pain, reduce anxiety, boost immunity, improve concentration and resolve pregnancy problems. What’s really great is that you should begin to see the effects within just a matter of weeks. After just six weeks of daily meditation, participants in a study were found to experience less emotional distress when put in a stressful situation. Their immune systems also showed less activation. Many mindfulness teachers recommend you meditate first thing in the morning as the mind is still relatively quiet after leaving ‘the sleep state’. There are no set rules for meditating – it simply means you choose to focus on what is relevant now, in the moment, while tuning out distractions.

4. Exercise

Exercising, especially in the morning will fill your body with sufficient energy and adrenaline to get through your day. It will give you the boost you need. People tend to believe that exercising will wear them out, but on the contrary, it helps release excess energy and provides them with just the amount they need. Your workout does not need to be intense. A simple jog will suffice. Similar to the previous two points that I’ve mentioned on this list, exercising will grant you new perspectives and clarity.

5. Take a shower

Many people I know cannot start their days without taking a bath while many others do have troubles with this. Actually, taking a shower in the morning is better than doing this late at night as others often do. Stepping into the shower helps to refresh your body and your mind as well. Of course, it helps to cleanse you. From the scientific point of view, taking a shower triggers your circulation, soothes you, and wakes you up.

6. Eat healthy breakfast

Study upon study has shown that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. You should not skip this important meal. There are so many reasons why this is a bad idea! Those who skip breakfast are more likely to be obese. They’re also more likely to have type 2 diabetes, heart disease and lower immunity to infections. A balanced breakfast is a fantastic way to boost both energy levels and cognitive function, while helping you fight junk food cravings throughout the day.

7. Set your goals for the day

While eating breakfast or sipping on your coffee, take a few moments to set your most important goals for the rest of the day. It may be something as simple as making your bed or de-cluttering your wardrobe or it could be that you aim to finally write that first chapter of your book. Whatever you want to achieve, completing these tasks may bring you more energy, make you happier and even help you live longer, according to research. After all, if you don’t have a plan, how will you get there?

8. Stay positive

Always start your day by having positive thoughts. This will make a big difference, so put your gadgets aside… take a few minutes to soak your mind in words of positivity.

The morning habits recommended above are very beneficial for your life. Instead of doing nothing, why don’t you start to form these habits and maintain them in order to change your life to a positive direction?

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