8 Things Guys Do But They Never Wanted You to Know

It’s no secret we all omit some of the grittier and less pleasant details of ourselves. Nobody wants to let it be known on a first date about their flossing rituals or what exactly their browser history looked like last night before he erased it, of course.

Societally speaking, men are not believed to be the most emotional beings. Man is a statue, solid in form and relatively expressionless. Because of this societal presumption, men tend to embarrass easily when they stray from prospective “roles,” and the fact of the matter is, they shouldn’t. These global norms are incredibly dated and in no way represent culture today.

I’m going to give you a little bit of male insight by addressing 8 things that men are embarrassed to admit to you, but shouldn’t be.

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1. They consume girly drinks

Yes, it’s a fact. Guys do get tired of their stereotypical ice cold beers and scotch. Sometimes they need their fair share of Appletinis, Pina Coladas and Bloody Marys too. These drinks might not help them get high or bring out their masculine side, but they come with those cute little garnishes on the side, and sometimes little paper umbrellas too. Nobody can resist little paper umbrellas.

2. They like romantic movies too

Admitting as a guy that you watch Pitch Perfect, Gossip Girls, Gilmore Girls or Sex And The City is an “unforgivable crime!” Which has somehow being equated to being a sissy. Let’s face it, these sitcoms are fun and anyone can most definitely have a good time watching them – it’s no one’s business how you get your groove on,  but in reality because society tends to frown against that picture of a guy laughing or crying his heart out while watching these rom- coms, guys hardly ever admit being a fan.

3. They are in love

A guy admitting he’s in love is viewed as a sign of weakness. Not by you, but by guys in general. It shows that he’s let his guard down and he cares about something — it’s good news! But men tend to see this as a sign that he’s “going soft.” In turn, he’d rather wait for you to say those three special words first so he doesn’t seem “weak” or give the impression that he loves you more than you love us (because women are the emotional and nurturing ones, according to norms). Yes, it’s childish but that’s the way this is.

4. They check other guys out

Not in a sexual way, a man will check another man out on occasion. If he refuses, he’s lying. Guys do check other guys out whether they are hot or not. They do pay close attention to the clothes they wear, the way they talk and carry themselves off. Men seek other men as competition, so they are always on the look out. Pay close attention the next time you are in public!

His reasons for said checking could be anything. It could be that he’s enviously judging his own looks against the Adonis across the room, or that, like women do with other women, he is merely appreciating a person’s good looks.

5. They like gossips

Who says only women gossip? Not one guy will ever acknowledge this fact, but it’s the truest out of all the ones mentioned above. Guys do gossip. They have all the latest spicy news about everyone around them. Try eavesdropping into one of their conversations and you’ll be astonished to discover the intensity of their gossiping.

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6. They are picky at grooming

Yes, you might think they are massive slobs but most men are very picky when it comes to personal grooming. Men do get themselves the snazziest haircuts (or at least try to), handpick their own facial cream, style themselves with the latest fashion trends and even more!

7. They cuddle and use pet names

Although this myth about guys not being interested in cuddling has been busted, there are still some guys who hate to admit that they love cuddling with their better halves and calling them weird pet names like ‘cupcake’, ‘plumberry’, ‘boo-bear’ and what not! It has also been proven by a survey that couples who cuddle are closer and stress-free. So, why not do it if it helps keep the relationship healthy?

8. Shopping makes men happy

The cookie jars on their kitchen island and all those toiletries under the wash-basin do not appear there magically. Apart from shopping for clothes, footwear and other stuff for their wardrobe, guys do buy things required at home. Yes. Their girlfriend, sister and mom might help occasionally, but not as much as they credit them for. They deny going shopping for groceries and toiletries, but all of them do it at some point in their lives.

Guys, who says you have to be defined by certain norms, you’re human and have the right to live the life you choose. Stick with whatever rocks your boat and be happy!

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