8 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship

Relationships are awesome, but with them come some expectation of privacy.

Relationships work better when they’re not exposed to the whole world! Sure, we all want to brag about this and that but some things are better kept between the two of you.  That being said, there are SOME things you should NOT tell your friends about your relationship.

This is my list of the things not to tell your friends about your relationship.


1. Fights

We all want to go talk to someone when we are down and sad. But it’s probably not a good idea to tell your Friends about your fights, you two will be fine in a few days but your friends will remember the fights and tell You about the fights every now and then. Couples fight, it’s normal, keep it between the two of you, you can’t Trust your friends with the fights you have with your partner.

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It’s okay to tell your friends about your relationship, it’s even okay to tell them when you get into a fight. But never go into the specifics unless you’re asking for an HONEST opinion.

2. Intimate Details

What happens in the bedroom, should stay in the bedroom. Never, and I mean NEVER, let out your intimacy Details to your friends. It’s not only bad if your partner gets to hear it from someone else, it’s just embarrassing. No one wants you to tell them how good or bad the sex is, keep it in the bedroom, only you can make your Friends respect your partner and the intimate details should be kept from even the closest of friends.

If you do tell one of your friends about your sex woes (or intimate details about your partner’s body and abilities) and you happen to get in a fight with said friend, those dirty details you spilled could get back to your SO. Now that would be awkward.

3. Money Issues

Like I said, only you can make your friends respect your partner. The more you talk bad about them behind their Backs, the more it gets difficult for you in the future. If your partner is going through some money issues, don’t go Telling your friends about it. Not only will it make you seem cheap, it will forever make you seem like a gold digger. Whatever it is, talk it out with your partner and not the rest of the world.

4. Their Past Relationships

Never discuss your partner’s past relationships with your friends, it will only lead to ridicule and negativity. Whatever they told you, they told you in confidence hands and they knew it will only stay with you, don’t break Their trust by telling others about it. Only you can make your partner trust you more and you hold that power In your hands as long as you stay quiet about their personal details with others.

5. Complaints

If things seem a bit off about your relationship, don’t go off complaining to your friends. If you do this a little Too often, your friends will start telling you to leave the person because they see how sad and miserable You are with them. Whatever problems you’re facing with them, talk to your partner about them and don’t Go complaining to your friends.

6. Comparing

Unless you want your friends to think negatively about your partner, don’t compare them to others in front of Your friends. We all go through ups and downs in relationships, it doesn’t mean you run off crying to your Friends about how your ex was so much better. These kind of things don’t go away, they usually travel to Your partner somehow and it hurts them when they get to know how badly you talk about them and how Little you try to make your friends respect them.

7. Cheating

Whether it was an emotional or physical affair (yes, there’s a difference and yes, they’re both considered infidelity), any acts that had you or your partner straying outside your relationship need to be kept quiet. It’s common to want to vent to someone else — say, your mom or your best friend — but that can irreparably damage their opinion of your partner. And then if the two of you decide to separate, if you want to make a comeback it’ll be that much harder.

Think about it: If your mom knows, then every time you have a small fight with your guy and need to vent, she’ll always be able to bring it back to the affair, even if it has nothing to do with that. Instead, talk to an individual or couples therapist about the affair whenever you need to — they create a safe space for you to get your emotions out without a side of judgment.

8. Imperfections

Every relationship has its ups and downs… and you don’t need to discuss the downs with everyone. Like fighting, letting your friends know the one thing that annoys you about bae gives them room to judge, give bad advice, and get involved. Your relationship is personal and only the two people in it can truly understand it.

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