9 Biggest Fashion Mistakes that All Men Do and Should Be Avoided

Style can be tricky at times when it comes to managing it throughout the day and people tend to make style mistakes, that’s okay. But there are some style mistakes that you don’t really want to make that go unnoticed, but the world suddenly notices and judges you on those mistakes.
Today, I point out 9 style mistakes that go unnoticed and that should be checked before leaving home.

1. Handkerchief crumbled in pockets

It is much worse than you can imagine, men obviously keep the handkerchief in their pocket, you can keep it in the front or back pocket depending on your comfort level but carrying a crumbled handkerchief in your pocket. pants make you look messy, it will automatically inflate in the pants and make your clothes unattractive. The outline of the pants should flow from the waist to the pants and when you wear a crumbled handkerchief it breaks the outline of your pants and destroys the flow of the dress.

Take 2 minutes and iron the handkerchief before you put it in your pocket and when you use it, fold it properly before putting it back. in the pants. It is a very small style mistake that makes a big difference in your appearance and this big mistake is negative so take care of it.

2. Not using Deodorant

Deodorants are used to make you sweat less and to mask the smell that comes from sweating. In a country like India which has an extremely hot and humid climate, deodorant is becoming an absolute necessity. It doesn’t matter how well dressed you are or how expensive you wear if you smell bad, everything is ruined.

Most Indian men do not wear deodorants or wear poorly scented deodorants, both of which are big style mistakes.

Deodorants are not meant to make you smell good, nor do they project a scent like perfumes. Deodorants keep you from emitting bad odors by neutralizing body odor, but most popular air fresheners have scents. So you should look for a deodorant with a soft, soothing smell instead of a harsh chemical odor.

3. Carry the wallet

Men always carry stylish wallets with them and it can become difficult to always carry them in their pants. Carrying a wallet is not a problem when wearing a suit or an overcoat as in both jackets there is plenty of room to store your wallet while staying in the flow of the outfit. We mainly carry bills, documents, ID cards and many other unnecessary things with us in our wallet and we like to keep them even when not in use, I know you’ve been there. It is not a problem to carry a bulky wallet when wearing something loose like chinos or sweatpants, but when wearing formal and skinny denim pants, the bulky wallet can destroy your look when you slip it in your pocket. Also, if you sit with this wallet in your pocket, it may strain your back as it disturbs your posture.

What to do? Cut the load! Remove unnecessary items from your wallet and always carry only the items you need most, like banknotes and ID cards. If you can’t do that, take a men’s pouch with you, the one with a leather finish, brings style and also gives you enough space to store all the unimportant documents.

4. Dry skin

This is something you should focus on whenever you are wearing shorts and flip flops or even a shirt. Skin is very bad when it dries, you already know that. No doubt that keeping the skin hydrated will make it shine more and we do it but only for the face, while we dress we do not realize that the other parts of the body that are exposed are hydrated or not?

Believe me, this is a very important part of your outfit and also of your personality, make sure that before dressing you hydrate your hands, neck and feet properly to avoid dry white spots on them by using a good moisturizer.

5. Wearing too many colors

A mistake most of you guys make is wearing too many colors or too bright colors.

Usually your t-shirt or shirt should not have more than 3 colors, one base color and the other for the reason, if it has more than 2-3 colors, it will make you look weird. And when it comes to bright colors, you should just stay away from them rather than stick to classic colors like black, white, navy blue, brown and earth tones, these colors are extremely versatile so you can match them with almost any other color. make you look elegant.

6. Too Many Accessories

One of the most common style mistakes you will make is wearing accessories. Accessories for men are a must have, they enhance your look and make you look more manly. But when you overdo it, the accessories themselves make you sound like an idiot and that’s the biggest style or dress mistake a man can make.

Wear good quality accessories but know where to limit them, you can’t wear a metal watch on the costume and at the same time wear trendy bracelets from your favorite football team, on the other hand, it only kills the look. Always try to get your genuine leather accessories and invest in good leather bracelets in decent color (black or brown)

Remember that what you think is the smallest can have a big impact on your appearance!

7. Your Socks

Don’t underestimate the power of these little kids, they can make a big impression if you edit them correctly! Learn the contrast between your outfit and your socks and always try to match them with the pants you wear. Yes, you can still experience the contrast of your socks, but never wear ripped socks, choose comfortable socks while staying there all day and also make sure they are quality and come from a good brand. They don’t smell bad even after being worn for long hours.

8. Giving No Attention to Footwear

Almost all fashionable men know the importance of shoes. He has the power to make or completely break the costume, but unfortunately this is something most Indian men don’t understand.

I know slippers are extremely comfortable, especially on those hot summer days, but trust me, it’s an instant ignition for every woman. It makes others feel like you just don’t care about how you look, which is definitely not good. Now I’m not saying stop wearing slippers, you can wear them at home or in some nearby places like the shopping complex. But stop wearing them when you go out. when traveling on the subway or going somewhere casual, opt for loafers or espadrilles rather than slippers or sandals.

9. Untreated Feet

This is where things get hairy, men can take pride in it but body hair definitely needs to be taken care of. When wearing shorts, make sure your feet are well taken care of and hydrated properly. Nobody tells you to shave your legs which can look awful when you have a thin body and long legs, but learn to clean them, trim their legs before putting on shorts or rolling up jeans.

Let me know in the comments section what I’m missing and which of these tips above worked as a style saver for you!

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