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9 Biggest Turn-Offs For Guys That Girls Don’t Know About

Just like with girls, there are tons of turn-offs for guys that we girls might not know about! Do you think that being perfumed up and talking about your ex all of the time are attractive? These could be huge turn-offs for guys that you might not even know about! So girls, you ready to explore some of the top turn-offs for guys that you might not be aware of until now!

1. Being too childlike

Acting like a child is cute. Pet names are cute, baby talk can sometimes be cute, and rompers seem to be all anyone talks about these past few weeks. However, there’s a time and a place for everything. If you go over the top with child-like behavior, you can quickly go from being cute to being incredibly annoying. Sometimes situations call for a serious attitude, and child-like behavior will only make the situation worse instead of neutralizing it.

2. Gossiping

As with everything else, there’s a threshold for how much gossip a person can listen to before they begin to doubt the integrity and trustworthiness of a gossiper. Of course it’s always interesting to know what’s going on behind-the-scenes with some friends or colleagues at work but you don’t want him to mistake you for a bad person.

3. Long Fingernails

While you might think that long, long fingernails are something that are super attractive, it is actually one of the hugest turn-offs for guys. They like natural and if you are going to have fingernails that are super long, it can actually hurt them if they are making out with you. So girls, keep it short and simple and don’t over-do the nails!

4. Using a lot of perfume

While you might love the smell of your perfume and your guy might like it in a light form, if you pile on spray after spray and he smells just like it when he leaves your house, that might not be the best thing. Smelling good is one thing ladies, but spraying yourself so that the scent embeds itself into your skin isn’t. Keep it light girls and your guy will totally appreciate it! See, I bet this is one turn-off for guys that you didn’t know!

5. Constantly nagging and complaining

The reason you might not be getting what you want is that your communication skills are not working. Instead of complaining about what you don’t want, ask for what you do want. By focusing on what you want, you will bring the best out in your man. Most men want to please us. It’s no fun for him when he is trying to please you and take care of you, but all you do is complain.

6. Being too desperate

Another turn-off for guys that they absolutely hate is a girl that seems too desperate. If you are constantly clinging to him and constantly seeming that you can’t live without your guy, it is too much. A guy likes a girl that is independent and that only depends on him when she really needs help. Remember that girls when you are clinging too hard to your man!

7. Dumb yourself down

You might think that it’s cute to play dumb a lot of the time. If you are a woman who thinks men don’t want you to be smart, think again. Healthy men are attracted to confident, happy, and smart women. Arrogance is not confidence. You don’t want a man to talk down to you and a man doesn’t want you to talk down to him. Most men want a partner with whom he can have conversations about life, work, family, politics, challenges, and everything — so he wants a woman who is intelligent.

8. Not offering to pay

Yes! That’s true. He picks up the check, because it’s the gentlemanly thing to do. However, you should at least reach for your wallet. He might not want you to pay, but he’ll appreciate your offer.


9. Being rude

Finally, the last turn-off for guys we’re going to talk about is attitude and rudeness! If a guy behaves like a gentleman on a date and treats you respectfully by being chivalrous, don’t take it for granted. Don’t walk past a door he’s holding open for you like it was his duty to hold the door open. If a guy displays his chivalrous side, acknowledge it with a smile or a ‘thank you’. Behaving like he’s your servant who’s only doing what he’s supposed to do won’t put you in his good books.

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