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9 Cute And Hot Things Girls Do That Are Unintentionally Sexy

That's how sexy we are... Aren't we???

Girls. We can’t live with them, but we can’t live without them. They are forever an enigma to us boys. We will never ever be able to figure it out. If after millions of years, we still don’t have a good grasp on how they function as a gender, then we might as well give it up now. Some things are just meant to stay as mysteries forever. However, if there’s one thing that’s common knowledge, it’s that girls have the ability to knock a guy off his feet without even trying. It can be due to the subtleties and grace in their movements or the rawness of their character.

There’s just something about girls doing seemingly unintentional and simple things that make guys go crazy.

1. Having a sense of humour

There is nothing sexier than making someone laugh. You might have a ribald sense of humor, a sharp and witty one, or a low-key, dry sense of humor – whatever it is, it’s hot.

2. Wiggling her waist

There’s something mesmerizing about that little wiggle and shimmy a girl makes when she’s trying to adjust her shorts. It’s very cute and appealing to the eye. Guys find it absolutely adorable to look at.

3. Playing with her hair

Girls may not even notice it when they do this, but to a guy, it can be very sexy. Watching a woman play with her hair can be such a turn on for a lot of men. She doesn’t even have to have long and perfect locks. She just has to be confident about herself and how she looks. Practically any guy can pull this off.

4. Wearing your shirts

This one’s a classic. Oversized shirts look super sexy. There’s a sense of security and safety whenever you find your girlfriend lounging around in your own clothes. It means that she’s comfortable with sharing her life with you, and you with hers. She also looks damn sexy in that white shirt that you own.

5. Getting super excited about their passions

People just become so much more beautiful when they believe in something whether it’s books or music or anything else.

6. Cuddling with you

Don’t believe guys who say they don’t want to cuddle. When a man is madly in love with a girl, he will want to cuddle with her for the rest of time. There’s nothing like having the girl you love wrapped in the safety and security of your arms. It makes you feel good; as if you’re responsible for this precious life that has found her way into your heart.

7. Biting her own lower lip

It’s hard to explain why a girl looks sexy when she’s biting her own lip. Maybe because it can get mistaken for a hunger that’s surging deep inside her. Maybe she’s wanting to take you right there at that moment.

8. Making subtle sighs or groans

They don’t even mean to sound sexy when they make their little sighs or groans, but man, it’s sexy. They’re just further fueling a man’s imagination about what a night with her would be like.

9. Puppy-dog eyes

This works every time. Like every single time.

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