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9 Makeup Mistakes That Might Be Making You Look Older Than You Are

Refresh your beauty routine with these makeup tips that take off years...

There’s nothing wrong with getting older — every single one of us does it, after all! That said, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to keep your skin and makeup looking radiant. Top makeup artists weigh in on which techniques and habits tend to enhance fine lines and age spots — and the tricks that can make you look fresher, dewier, and more glowing than ever.

1. Using the wrong foundation

There are so many different foundation formulas available from liquid to gel, cushion, mousse and powder. But not all are created equally for everyone. You need to know which ones will give you the most youthful appearance and which ones will add years to your face. Nobody has perfect skin, but do find a foundation that is right for your skin type and gives you the coverage you want.

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2. Over contouring

In recent years, contouring has become one of the top makeup trends. From the runway to the red carpet and even the grocery store, contouring is everywhere. It’s easy to understand why contouring is popular. Done right, it is a great way to achieve a youthful appearance, but too much contouring can go wrong. Contouring can certainly make your face appear younger, but going overboard can actually do quite the opposite, too. The art of contouring is that it enhances the structure of your face, so that it appears more defined. However, too much definition can actually highlight ageing lines that are better left concealed.

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3. Choosing a dark lipstick

Lips lose their fullness over time, and dark colors make them look even smaller. Mauves and pinks, on the other hand, highlight lips and give the illusion of fullness. A swipe of lip gloss will plump them up even more. If you do decide to go for a darker shade, pick a sheer formula or a stain, which aren’t as flat as a heavier finish, or dab the color on with your finger. Pick a lip liner that matches the color of your lips, rather than your lipstick, to avoid an overly dark liner that will make your lips look pursed.

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4. Setting makeup with powder

It’s been recommended time and time again to use powder on top of any cream formulas to make them longer lasting. But as you age, your skin produces less oil. “With dryer skin, powder tends to seep into fine lines. Try using a setting spray instead!

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5. Using the wrong tools and brushes

Looking younger isn’t always a matter of what makeup you apply, but how you apply it. We’ve all used a little extra foundation on those days when our flaws are very noticeable, the best way to look younger is to use a more precise amount of product. You can only achieve this with the right brushes and tools. It is important you use the correct tools to ensure you achieve a light coverage. A common mistake people make is using heavy-duty brushes with thick, tight bristles to apply foundation with. Using buffer brushes actually plasters your face with heavy foundation and doesn’t blend in your makeup as well as a soft stipple brush can.

6. Using heavy black eye liner

Dark, dramatic eyes can be tricky to pull off and they tend to be less and less flattering on most women as they age. Our eyelashes thin out as we get older, and women sometimes try to overcompensate for that with lots of black makeup. All that does, though, is draw attention to the wrinkles around your eyes. Instead of a black liner, choose a dark brown or grey and remember that less is more. Skip liquid liners, too, which can be too heavy, and opt for a soft, easy-to-apply pencil.

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7. Over-concealing your under-eye circles

Woman applying makeup

A thick concealer that comes in a stick or pot will eradicate the shadows under your eyes, but it will also draw attention to the crepiness and fine lines that usually show up in that area first (because the skin there is thin). A better option: A brush-on highlighter pen like Neutrogena Healthy Skin Brightening Eye Perfector that uses illuminating particles, not opaque color, to camouflage dark circles. Apply it only near the inner corners of your under-eye area, where shadows are most prominent.

8. Using liner and mascara on your lower lashes

Playing up your lower lashes can make your eyes look droopy and draw attention to dark circles. Instead, curl your upper lashes and wiggle a volumizing mascara into their roots and slowly through the ends for the most uplifting effect. Try Rimmel ScandalEyes Curve Alert Mascara

9. Not using the right moisturizer

Our skin tends to get drier as we get older, and moisturizer becomes more and more important. Unfortunately a lot of people aren’t using the right kind or in the right way.For your face, choose a lightweight, non-comedogenic formula which means it won’t clog pores the way a lot of body lotions can, and apply it immediately after washing or taking a shower. Without a base of hydrated and healthy skin, makeup can only do so much—and it may even make dry, flaky skin look worse.

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So the general tip to keep makeup from aging you? Less is more. Keep things light and natural. And even when you want a splash of a little something extra, keep it at a minimum. But most makeup rules are meant to be broken, so don’t be afraid to try new things and find what works best for you!”

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