9 Reasons Why Cuddling Is The Best Thing In The World

Because it feels so damn good.

One of my personal favorite perks of being in a relationship is the incredible amount of cuddling that comes along with it. But have you ever wondered why, exactly, physical touch brings us so much joy? Well, there’s actually a biochemical reason for our desire to get physical. Any kind of touch, including hugs and cuddling, releases the hormone oxytocin from your brain’s pituitary gland. This hormone is often referred to as the “love” hormone, as it’s the primary hormone that peaks during orgasm and can actually increase bonding in couples.

So let’s look at the top ways getting your cuddle on can help improve your health:


1. Cuddling improves your sleep.

When you cuddle, you sleep better. Because cuddling helps your body pause the release of a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone which releases all the stressful feelings in your body. So by blocking Cortisol And releasing Oxytocin, you are at the healthiest and happiest state possible!

2. It lowers your blood pressure.

Frequent hugs between spouses and partners are associated with higher oxytocin levels, lower blood pressure, and a lower heart rate. And with a stable blood pressure you have lesser chances of getting headaches and fatigues and other everyday problems. So cuddle more and stay healthy!

3. It create strong bonds between you and your partner.

Cuddling is healthy for you because of the emotional attachment it creates. Couples who cuddle more tend to have a better understanding and a long-lasting relationship. Studies have found that cuddling has a biological role in bonding between the mother and baby also. This bond prevents the onset of a lot of medical problems such as stress, depression, etc.

4. Cuddling boosts immunity.

Your gut is home to close to 75 percent of your immune system. Your gut and brain communicate through the gut-brain axis, and it has been shown that oxytocin is responsible for the feeling of butterflies you get being around or touching your significant other. Cuddling also releases your “happy hormone” serotonin. About 95 percent of your amount of this neurotransmitter is produced and stored in your gut and also works to keep your immune system healthy.

5. Cuddling strengthens relationships.

Like I said earlier, oxytocin is often called the “love” hormone due to its powerful ability to increase bonding between individuals. This goes far beyond just romantic relationships!  Couples who cuddle more are tend to be more satisfied and happy with each other. They tend to trust each other on a higher level no matter where they are.

6. It makes your sex life better.

We already know sex itself can give you a healthy boost in all sorts of ways. But when you add cuddling to the mix, things get even better. One study found that couples who spend more time showing affection after sex, such as cuddling, spooning, and kissing, are more satisfied with their sex lives, which makes them happier with their relationship in general

7. It makes you feel sexy.

Cuddling helps you get closer to your partner in the physical sense as well. Also, there is scientific evidence that cuddling releases dopamine, which is an excitatory hormone that increases sexual desire and makes one feel sexy.

8. You wake up smiling.

Once you sleep in the comfortable arms of your lover, you wake up in the happiest state possible. When You wake up happy, you tend to have an awesome day ahead. Waking up cuddling is one of the most Awesome feelings in the world, so why wait? Cuddle!

9. It is one of the best feeling.

Cuddling is one of the closest and most romantic things you can do to your partner. It is more than just mere Intimacy, it is a comforting message, it tells your partner that you are there for them and they are safe with You in your arms, they are warm and they are protected. Studies have shown that couples who cuddle more often stay happier and have a better life together because they share a whole new level of comfort and love that not even sex can bring.

Well, do we really need reasons to cuddle and kiss more with our partner? It’s just an overall pleasant experience for both of you, so let’s just give more tenderness and love to the person we love.

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