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9 Sexy Things to Say to A Man That Drive Him Wild Instantly

Want to make your man feel fantastic about himself and your relationship?

Getting vocal about what you want during sex to get your guy going can be a little difficult if you don’t know where to start. But your words can be just as powerful as your touch when you two are getting down and dirty, so it’s time to speak up. In case you need some pointers, here are 9 things he’d probably love to hear in the heat of the moment.

The sexiest things you could say to your boyfriend:

1. “You make me hot”

It’s simple but precise. Telling him you are hot for him lets him know that he turns you on and that you find him attractive and sexy.

2. “Let’s get naked”

As most men will find any opportunity to get naked with a woman, this line works like magic. You’re letting him know that you want to see him naked and do all the enjoyable things people do together when they are. Get more personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

3. “I love your body”

A man loves to hear his partner tell him that he has an attractive body. Announcing this says you not only like the way he looks but the way he uses his hot bod.

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4. “Guess, what I am wearing right now”

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing lingerie or a dress that shows off your curves. Texting your man about how much he’s going to love your outfit is sure to get him excited.

5. “I can’t wait to get my hands on you”

This is a simple phrase, but it works wonders. It’ll let your man know that you’re going to be all over him as soon as you see him. There’s no better mental image. Of course, if you don’t mind talking dirty, you can tell him exactly where you want your hands to be.

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6. “I can’t keep my hands off you”

Telling him that he is so desirable to you that you cannot stop from touching him is very erotic. It also suggests that his body is so tempting that you cannot help yourself.

7. “Let’s try a fantasy”

Letting him know you are into trying new things and experimenting in the bedroom is a huge turn-on to men. You know he’s had ideas and fantasies about you, so now’s the time to invite him to play. He’ll also never turn down an opportunity to learn about a fantasy of yours that the two of you may thoroughly enjoy.

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8. “Wanna take a shower?”

Most men find a sexy shower immensely enjoyable and stimulating. It the perfect opportunity for the two of you to soap each other up and enjoy the water running in between your bodies. It can also add another layer of intimacy as you share what is usually considered private time.

9. “I have been waiting all day for this”

When you finally get to see your partner after a long day of waiting to kiss him, let him know how happy you are. He’ll be pleased that he was on your mind all day, even when he was miles away. It won’t only make him feel sexy, but it’ll also make him feel special.

If you want to give your boyfriend a special treat, whisper one of these things in his ear or at least send him a text with these words. What’s the sexiest thing that your man has ever said to you?


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