9 Signs To Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is A Gold Digger

When money is the centre of her universe and not you, then you’re dating a gold-digger. 

A real relationship is about love, and not the size of the wallet. But for her, the real relationship is with money, and you are just a provider, an easy access to lavish lifestyle.

Here are 9 cant-ignore signs that she is dating you for your money

1. She loves your money more than she loves you

Couple making love

For her, you are just her ATM. You will find a certain level of obsession for money from the way she’d behave around you. Her universe revolves around money, and not you.

2. She never paysffcg 2

She is always reluctant to pay, resorting to gimmicks like ‘I forgot my wallet at home’, ‘my credit card isn’t working’, etc. Despite having a good job, she is always broke and is always cribbing about her financial problems, when it comes to paying bills.

3. She is always curious about your financial statusffcg 3

There is someone who asks about your salary and family background. And then there is gold digger who enquires about it, with a certain lust for money and eagerness in her attitude.

4. She banks on her looks the most to woo men

Sexy sitting couple in car

Her looks are her tools to entice men for selfish gains. Understanding the weaknesses of men very well, she uses her charming smile and sexy figure to get things done from them.

5. Status obsessedffcg 5

She is simply obsessed with acquiring high social status. For her, you are just a ladder to have that king size life. When she is with you, in a Mercedes Benz, she is happy because she is in a Benz and the world is watching, not because she is with you.

6. Emotionally unavailableffcg 6

She doesn’t care if you’re dead or alive, unless all her expenses are being taken care of.

7. Success = having rich boyfriendsffcg 7

For her, being successful is having a rich boyfriend. And the next one should be wealthier than the previous one.

8. She has no career aspirationsffcg 8

It is unusual for a girl to have no career aspirations in this age, but she has no future plans, except for marrying a billionaire.

9. Demands giftsffcg 9

She doesn’t ask for gifts, she demands them. There is no ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ in her dictionary, because these words show general respect and courtesy. She simply expects things to be done for her and doesn’t care for your emotions behind them.

If you can relate yourself with this post, then boy, run for the hills!!

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