9 Subtle Signs Your Relationship Is Getting Serious

No reasons. No excuses.

There’s nothing like the magic of a new relationship. You’re getting to know each other, having loads of fun and falling in love. And all of sudden, things get serious. It can creep up on you if you aren’t actively paying attention, but once you realize it, suddenly it all becomes clear: this is the real deal. Some signs may be obvious, but some may be much more subtle.

Keep an eye out for signs that your relationship is ready to move on to the next level, and that you and your partner are starting to get serious.

1. You don’t care to look amazing always.

When you’re comfortable sending them pictures of you with weird faces that are really, really unflattering. Whether it’s sending horrifying Snapchat pictures, going to his house with no makeup on, or letting him see you while you’re crying and sick, being able to be your true self is a really important sign.

2. You are no longer using dating apps.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve found The One, but if you’ve stopped searching, it definitely means something. This is definitely a sign that you’re not interested in changing partners any time soon. Your relationship is getting serious once you realize that there’s no reason for you to keep that dating app around, since you’ve found the one you want to spend all your time with. However, make sure your partner isn’t still snooping around on dating sites either – this step has to be a two-way street.

3. You keep your important stuff at their place.

It starts with a toothbrush and eventually turns into a contact lens case, a full beauty regiment and finally, a drawer. You know things are getting serious when you feel comfortable leaving your stuff at his place because you know you’ll be able to get it again shortly.

4. You meet his family, he meets yours.

I would never introduce someone to my family if we weren’t somewhat serious. When you live with your parents, it’s almost impossible for you not to meet your BF’s parents or for him to meet yours. But when you start to introducing him to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, that’s when you know things are getting to a different level.

5. You connect with each other in every possible way.

Connecting with your partner sexually is an important part of a healthy and strong relationship; however, it’s only one part. Creating an intimate bond can be a great way to build a stronger friendship and familiarity in your relationship. Whether it’s a romantic stroll around the park or a night of laughs watching your favourite comedic film; doing these activity with your partner is a great way of creating a lasting memory and an experience that the two of you can share.

6. Baby talk isn’t so scary

So maybe you don’t want to get pregnant this very moment, but the thought of having your significant other as your future baby’s mom or dad isn’t so alarming. Maybe you jokingly talk about your future kids or discuss favorite baby names. This is huge because not only are you discussing a romantic future with this person, but you are entertaining the idea of bearing a child that could grow to be exactly like who you are dating now.

7. You share all your passwords.

This level of trust means your S.O. cares enough about you. Letting your partner into your phone is the ultimate form of trust. Some people like their privacy, and it doesn’t mean they’re hiding anything. But when your partner lets you into their phone, they know you’re probably going to snoop around – or, they trust you not to! Sharing passwords of any kind are a show of good faith that your partner won’t misuse it. It takes a lot of trust.

8. You’ve had a huge fight and survived

You never really know someone until you see them angry. Fighting brings out someone’s true colors and can sometimes bring out the worst in people. If you are able to have a fight without actually calling it quits, you’ve mastered a big test in your relationship. Tough times don’t last, but tough people do!

9. You start spending more time together than apart.

Cuddling up for the weekend with some takeout and a few cocktails actually sounds amazing. What used to bore you to tears now seems wonderful, and you don’t need an insane amount of excitement to feel content.

And have stopped regularly stalking your ex, his new girlfriend, and all of their friends on social media — because your new partner is the only one you care about.

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