9 Things You Should Never Be Embarrassed To Tell Your Boyfriend

Why should you keep anything from him?

When you decide to be with someone for the long haul, know that slowly but surely, there will be things about you and your life that they will know. Whether it’s things you’re slightly embarrassed to talk about or afraid to bring up, just know that the right man will never judge you for any of it! So here are some things you shouldn’t be ashamed or afraid to share if he’s the one for you!


1. That you dont like the movie he picked…

If you don’t like the movie your boyfriend picked or the television show he put on, don’t be afraid to tell him. You shouldn’t be rude about it. Just don’t pretend to be entertained when you’re bored to tears. If you lie about loving the film, then he’s going to make you watch more films like it in the future. It pays to be honest.

2. That you have some family issues…

What family doesn’t have problems?! Each group of people have their own individual problems and issues that they deal with on a daily basis. If you’re planning to be with someone for the long-run, don’t hide this stuff from him. After all, if this stuff is going to affect you, sooner or later it will affect him too.

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3. That you are on periods…

If you get moody during a certain time of the month, don’t be afraid to tell your boyfriend that it’s your period’s fault. He knows that all women menstruate, and if he’s grossed out by the idea, then he’s not mature enough to be dating you. If you’re sexually active, then it’s extra important to tell your boyfriend when you’re on your period. That way, he won’t try to initiate anything. Plus, he’ll be relieved that you’ve gone another month without getting pregnant.

4. That you too have sexual fantasies!

Yes, it’s not just serious stuff you need to discuss and share with him – if the two of you plan to be together for long, shouldn’t he also know how to please you in bed?! As should you know about what works for him. 😉

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5. That you don’t like others presence in his life…

You don’t have to be rude or mean about it – but if there is someone in his life that you really don’t like hanging out with, or someone who makes you uncomfortable, address it. He may not be entirely happy about it, but it isn’t fair to you either to go on having to deal with someone who isn’t all that nice to you.

6. That you are virgin

If you’re a virgin, or if you’ve never been kissed, it’s important for your boyfriend to know it. It’s not going to make him like you any less. If anything, it will make him feel special, because he’s going to be the first boy to touch you.

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7. That you are hungry…

Seriously, believe it or not, food is an integral part of most of our lives! I mean, we girls do love our food. So don’t be shy about eating to your heart’s content even in front of him. After all, if he is the one, he better get used to and in fact love your love for food!

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8. That you have some expectations from this relationship…

Don’t try and portray yourself as that super chilled out girl who has no expectations – if you’re not actually that girl. It will only backfire when you’re finally ready to open up about the things that you want, and he doesn’t even have an idea that you’ve thought about these things. So be open about your expectations and where you see this relationship going.

9. That you are upset…

If you don’t let your boyfriend know that he did something to upset you, then he’s bound to do it again, because he won’t think it’s an issue. That’s why you should speak up when he does something you’re not okay with. You don’t have to yell at him about it.
Just sit him down and explain how you feel.

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Your boyfriend wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t care about you, so you shouldn’t be worried about telling him any of the things on this list.

Have you ever been embarrassed to tell your boyfriend something?

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