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9 Undeniable Signs That You’re in a One-Sided Relationship

Are you the only one pulling your weight?

When you’re in love, it can be difficult to pay attention to anything but the person in front of you. So many of us have been blinded while we’re enamored with another person, and it can be hard to bring ourselves back to reality. But it’s important to pay attention, because sometimes, you can end up in a one-sided relationship, where you are doing all the work and your partner ends up making you feel worse instead of better about yourself. If you’re feeling a bit off-balance, here are 9 possible signs that you’re in a one-sided relationship.

1. You are the one who initiate the conversation

You send the text messages, you make the phone calls and you put in the effort to see one another throughout the week. If you don’t, several days could go by without exchanging a single word. If you’re the one making most of the plans to spend quality time together and go out of your way to show the other person how much he or she means to you, chances are you’re in a one-sided love affair. If you always have to be the first one to make contact, you should get out now.

2. They rarely contact you

If you’re waiting days to hear from your significant other, it’s a clear sign they’re losing interest in the relationship and have other priorities on their mind. If your girlfriend or boyfriend never texts you or rarely replies to your messages, they’re not concerned with keeping in contact with you and it’s clearly not that important to them. If you’re not the one making the effort, then you go days without hearing from them.

3. They keep you away from important people

If they have friends or family members that they consider important, but keep you away from them, that’s a red flag. A loving partner will encourage you to meet these people, and spend time with them. They will rejoice at the thought of you befriending their friends. If this isn’t the case, and you’re kept away, something is wrong.

4. You feel as if your partner couldn’t care less what is going on in your life

Your partner doesn’t know even half of the things happening in your life. In fact, your dog knows more. What we’re trying to imply is that he/she is too busy to even inquire of what’s happening at your end. In fact, we have seen many cases where the indifferent partner ends up accusing the other partner to be too demanding, or too dependent! Well, we tell you it’s not being too dependent or weak, it is being in touch with the one person you love.

5. You are an obligation and not a priority

You feel like you are a bother to your partner rather than someone your partner wants to hang out with whether it’s a night on the town or a night in watching your favorite shows. You feel like your partner doesn’t want to spend time with you and instead, you feel like you are on a schedule or time frame with your partner.

6. They are not excited about making plans

If you’re the only one making plans and organising things, it’s a major sign you’re in a one sided relationship. If the other person doesn’t get excited about seeing you and making plans to meet up and do things, then the relationship isn’t working out. You should both be equally excited about seeing each other and both people in the relationship should make an effort to make plans to meet up and hang out or go on dates.

7. You feel the need to apologize for things you shouldn’t apologize for

Like getting emotional. Or needing to talk about something. Or not being fun. Or having a bad day. Yes, you and your partner should be bringing a lot of joy and happiness into one another’s lives. But part of being in a relationship means loving the other person when things aren’t so carefree and easy.

8. Your partner always makes you feel guilty

Guilt-tripping is when the other person makes you feel that you need to apologize for things that you have done. For example, you had an argument because you said how you truly felt when he didn’t return your calls. Instead of comforting you, he just argued that you were just nagging and wanting to start a fight instead of addressing your issues.

9. You may feel more used than loved

You may feel like you are a passing of time until something better comes along for your partner. You may feel you are being used for sexual reasons. You feel less love and more of a convenience to your partner.

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