A Girl Asked For Interesting Thing From Amazon, See What Reply She Got

The world is full of amazing people and interesting things happening every day. Thanks to social media, we are being fed with a hearty laugh almost every day with something or the other. And here is another very interesting one which many will burst into laughter again.

Here is what happend, a girl came into the news by joking with Amazon, a very big e-commerce company. Let me tell you that a girl named Aditi asked Amazon mockingly in her tweet, that you claim that you all get it, but I am not finding what I am looking for.

This is what she has tweeted to the company:


At this, Amazon’s team expressed their concerns and asked what you are looking for.

This is what she has demanded from the company:


And, interestingly, as it’s often and normal in the world of social media, Amazon also got back at her and gave a ‘bang on’ reply by tweeting:


Now this is hilarious, we hope the girl got her answer.

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