About Us

About Us

We are an Internet Media Website. We create and curate specific stories with the sole intent of helping it reach as many of us as possible. We don’t do cat videos, but if we find a video of a cat doing Backflips in Lajpat Nagar (or Parel) we’ll most definitely run with it.


What is Life ‘N’ Lesson?

Life ‘N’ Lesson is your one-stop destination to discover and share everything that is happening on the Internet. We curate and create relevant stories with the sole intent of helping it reach as many of us as possible. To put it simply, we do stories worth sharing

What gets posted on Life ‘N’ Lesson?

Our editorial team covers stuff that is share-worthy & evokes a response from anyone who watches it. We do video stories, fun lists, picture compilations, parodies, stand up acts and everything else that is worth sharing.

I want to Contribute for Life ‘N’ Lesson. What should I do?

A very substantial percentage of our monthly content comes from our Contributor network. We have people from varied professions like advertising, journalism and engineering to name a few, who contribute to ScoopWhoop. If you see yourself as a potential contributor, You can contribute your Article by hitting Create button in Header.

No, I want to apply for a full time position. How to go about it?

Currently we are not Hiring. Check back soon if our Hiring Starts.

I saw something on this site that belongs to me. Who should I get in touch with?

We at Life ‘N’ Lesson strongly believe in giving proper credit and link backs to the original creators. If you don’t want your content to appear on our site, just Contact us Immediately with an angry emoticon and we’ll pull it down immediately. Contact Us

I saw something on the site that offended me. Can you remove it?

If you are not happy with a piece of content on Life ‘N’ Lesson or have any other complaints about our content, you may Contact Us. Don’t forget to mention the URL of the article that you found in bad taste.  Contact Us

I have a tip for you guys. What do I do?

Just Contact Us and we’ll look into it pronto. Contact Us

I am an advertiser / media executive. Do you do content partnership with brands?

Currently we are not providing advertising services. Check back soon if we are ready to advertise your product


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