10 Absolutely Dreamy Signs of Love at First Sight Happening to You

Love at first sight is a serious thing to some, yet fun words to others. If youve never felt what it feels like, here are a few signs. You of course get really nervous, and you may have a stomach dropping moment. You may just want to be with them constantly, feel like you’ve known them forever or want to know every detail about them. But is this real love? Or is it another powerful emotion called lust? There are plenty of people who argue that love at first sight just isn’t real.

1. You want the same things for the future

If you are both wanting to live in the same city, you both want to lead similar lifestyles and you have the same idea about relationships, as well as potentially a future family, then you might actually have a future together. Be careful not to project your own ideas onto him – just because he wants a house just like you want a house, your houses may, inside your mind’s eye, look very different from one another. If it’s really love at first sight, you’ll most likely start picturing yourself in a relationship with them. Most of the time, this can take a little getting to know them before you automatically feel as though you could really be with them for the long haul.

2. Your stomach drops

When you set eyes on someone and it’s love at first sight, your adrenaline will immediately start pumping through your veins. That feeling of butterflies to which you are completly unknown, started to strike you every now and then. You started to enjoy everything in your life. And if it’s really love at first sight, these will be some of the most powerful butterflies you’ll ever feel in your life.

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3. You get really nervous.

Nervousness usually comes from having a big event, presentation, or an announcement to make. You get butterflies, sweat, and shake at the thought of going through with whatever it is you have to do. When you experience love at first sight, you will probably get really nervous for virtually no reason. When just setting eyes on a person makes you sweat bullets and stutter your words in a nervous wreck, it’s a huge sign of love at first sight.

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4. You feel like you’ve met them before.

When you experience love at first sight, it’s very common to feel like you’ve already met this person before. Nothing seems forced. It all seems naturally comfortable between the two of you.

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5. You feel an intense desire to talk to them.

Not only do you feel that you know who this person is deep down, but you’ll also feel compelled to go talk to them. This can be especially noticeable if you’re usually a quiet, shy person who never goes up to a strange person and introduces yourself. You will feel an almost subconscious pull toward them if it’s love at first sight.

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6. A ‘type’ doesn’t matter.

Usually, most people have a ‘type’ when they date. If you’ve observed people who have a long dating history, you’d see that the persons they have dated in the past have some sort of similarities or traits that are common. Having a ‘type’ means having a distinctive benchmark when it comes to dating and falling for people who possess those qualities. But if you are someone who falls in love at first sight, you may not really have a ‘type’. Because you are wild, you go with the flow! You don’t restrict yourself, and any type is your type as long as you’ve fallen in love with them in that first minute of meeting them or spotting them across the crowded room. But remember, your true love isn’t always the type of person you’ve always imagined yourself with.

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7. You can’t stop thinking about them.

If you’ve experienced love at first sight, your mind will constantly wander to their face, their voice, and when you might talk to or see them next. It’ll feel as though you’re a teenager experiencing a first crush. You won’t be able to think of anything but them for days and maybe even weeks. If your love was strong enough, you may never forget them at all.

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8. You genuinely want to know about their life.

Have you ever met someone and just wanted to know every single thing about them? If you have, that’s a really good sign. A genuine fascination with a person and their thoughts on any and every topic is a clear indication that you could be falling for them in that very moment.

This kind of love touches you deeply, making you feel the need to get to know them on a much deeper level.

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9. You find them really attractive.

Just because physical attraction isn’t the main thing you feel for this person when it’s love at first sight, it’s still something that you feel with intensity. The difference is that it’s not an overwhelming attraction that makes you want to rip of their clothes and have your way with them. The way a person walks, talks, or smiles can be incredibly appealing and can make you feel an instant bond.

This kind of physical attraction makes you appreciate everything about the way they look. You find them sexy, cute, hot, and beautiful all in one. This is can also be a classic case of becoming so attracted to their personality that their looks seem to simply follow suit.

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10. Everything seems positive; nothing could ever go wrong

No matter what happens, you never give up. You are a positive person and that quality shows easily. As against the many cynics who have their reservations on love, relationships, dating, and marriage, you don’t have any such apprehensions. You believe that you can achieve everything, including winning the other person’s heart, and will follow your heart to achieve it.

But when it’s love at first sight, you’ll starting daydreaming about dating them, being with them, buying a house with them, and maybe even starting a family.

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