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Acrobat dreams 01Acrobat dreams are pretty common among the women. This is because they are often fearful of various situations in life that prevents them to take decisions immediately. These dreams either convey a lack of self confidence in you or the fear of facing the challenges. Treat the dreams of Acrobats as warning signs of your life’s obstacles.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Symbolism:Acrobat dreams 03
Acrobats are similar to devil’s angels who warn you from things that will be taken away from you soon or warn you from the people who are trying to pull you back. For instance, you will pull yourself back by assuming others’ perception towards you. This is just like accepting your failure, without even trying to win.
Dreams of Acrobats indicate negative thinking in life. These depict the various challenging situations that you are running through at present. Many of these either relate your personality or your environment. The bottom line is that it depends on who is the Acrobat. Seeing self in the situation of an Acrobat relates your confidence and focus in your goals. On the other hand, watching other acrobats is related to your emotional obstacles.
Acrobatics is an excellent sport that brings balance in focus, determination, and concentration, altogether in life. Thus, dreaming about a sport like this relates your emotional being.Acrobat dreams 05

Most Common Acrobat Dreams:
• To see acrobats: To see an acrobat in your dream means that you are giving others an opportunity to win and are not confident about your own suAcrobat dreams 04ccess. It also shows that you are preventing yourself from reaching your own goals and are happy to see others taking your place.
• To see woman/women acrobat: Dreams of women acrobats indicate that your rivals are enjoying backbiting about you and trying all the possible ways to spoil your name at work. It also warns you that if you do not take an action now, your goals will be hindered.
• To see self as an Acrobat: This is good news! It means that you are focusing hard on your goals and trying your best to achieve them, despite the hurdles and fears. You must be careful of others’ reactions and make yourself cautious of the rivals.

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