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Aircraft Dreams 01Moving airplanes, aircrafts and charters are related to your life’s journey. There are
various scenarios of dreaming about an aircraft.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Aircrafts are mainly related to ongoing events of life. If you haAircraft Dreams 02ve recently had a dream of an aircraft, the first thing to analyze is to check the positioning of the aircraft. Note down the things like; whether the aircraft was taking off, aircraft was landing, it had a bad landing, it was hijacked, etc.
The mainstream of the aircraft dream is that it helps you to realize the mission of your life. These are also related to your emotional state of mind.
The various positions and situations of the aircrafts display factors like; Curiosity, Enlightenment, Insecurity, Confusion, Loneliness, Surprise, Relaxation and Fear.Aircraft Dreams 03

Most Common Aircraft Dreams: • Landing in a different place: To dream of landing in a
different location by an aircraft, means that you will begin with some new events in the same place or new location in life. This is an indication that you will get some new opportunities.
• Flying with strangers whom you have never met: Flying in an aircraft with strangers in the dream indicates that you leave people easily in the curiosity of following your own dreams. If it makes you feel lonely to sit with strangers in the aircraft, that means you are somewhere guilt of leaving others, without thinking how they have felt without you.
• To watch many aircrafts landing at the airport: Dreaming of many aircrafts landing at an airport shows that you are facing many things at a time. A busy airport indicates that you get little time to handle various decisions of life. This often leads to depression or confusion in handling various things at a time.
• To fall from an aircraft: Jumping or falling from an aircraft shows that you desperately want to end a particular situation of your life. In some situations, jumping off the aircraft means that you cannot wait for the change to happen in your life. Many people have also reported that they find themselves falling out of the sky on the landed aircraft. This means that something bad has finally changed in your life and you have landed on something good.

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