Aishwarya And Abhishek’s New Dubai Villa Is Super Stylish & Elegant

Worth Rs. 54 crores!

Everyone dreams of a home they’d own when they grow up and possibly share it with someone they love and start their own family. It looks like Abhishek Bacchan and Aishwarya Rai have found theirs.

They recently came into the possession of a sprawling and glorious villa in Dubai and it is everything one can think of as a perfect house.

Have a look at this house that looks awesome from every angle.

villa 1


Here is the pool side of the home!

villa 2

The pool view in the night

villa 15


The view from the lobby

villa 3

The interior of the house from the top!

villa 4


The well equipped kitchen

villa 13


Now their lavishly cushioned living room!

villa 5


Some relaxing TV time

villa 6

A dining room which is giving a classic view of the gardens!

villa 7


The ambient bedroom

villa 8


If you have a desire for luxury, how can bathroom be ignored. Even the bathroom is looking classy!

villa 9


A theatre-room too!

villa 11


A bar as well!

villa 12


Dinner arrangement next to the living room

villa 14

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