Alia Bhatt speaks about the reactions she got for working with Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Dear Zindagi’

Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan will be seen together in ‘Dear Zindagi’. The posters and the teasers are being loved by everyone. However, in a recent interview, Alia revealed that she was getting weird reactions for doing the film with SRK.

When she was asked if she felt nervous while working with SRK, the actress said, “Of course, I was a bit nervous because people were like, ‘What are they doing?’ and ‘Wow, can they work together?’ I kept telling people to leave it to the imagination, because the kind of role and story it is, the casting is completely apt. Now, I am really excited that people are also excited to see both of us together. They want to see the film, and there’s an air of positivity. Right now, I don’t think anyone can pinpoint as to what kind of film it is. All you can get is a happy feeling and that’s most important.”

When Alia was asked how different ‘Dear Zindagi’ is from her previous films, she said, “Yes, it was totally different, because, honestly, I don’t think that there is a reference for a film like this. At the same time, it’s familiar, because when I’m talking about life and the problems in life, it does feel normal and real. So, while it felt real, the idea of it being a Hindi film was exciting and new. Even though you can’t compare it to anything, it’s a relatable film.”

“I related to the part well. I know I am young, but the role is also of a young girl. May be not as young as I am, but she’s also in the same age group. She also feels the same things that most young people go through – they are a bit lost, they don’t know what they want from life, they don’t know what to do about their career, etc. So, I am asking questions and Shah Rukh is responding to them. Even our (teaser) videos have the same essence and ethos,” added the actress.

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