Why do we always bargain with the poor?

Is it not a good idea to stop bargaining and fighting for small amount of money from various people we deal with in our day-to-day life? Have you ever thought how much difference will an extra 5 rupees make to you and how much difference will it make to a vegetable vendor, carpenter, house maid or a rickshaw puller?

Fruit and vegetable vendors are part of the “poor” community, having to sell under the hot, burning sun, trying to talk to passersby into buying their stock. At the end of the day, what they earn is not even enough to feed themselves and their families.

We are all aware of their way of life, but still, we bargain with them until they have nothing to earn from their sales. But, as the vendor asked: why do we not bargain with malls and other rich man’s stalls? Why do we only bargain with poor people who have little to earn from their sales?

As Anil Chouhan, states on Quora, “I prefer to pay the labor and people around me a bit better than to do charity. This way I directly see the impact on their lives and their faith that they can earn a decent living with honest work.  That is the best way to help the society.

” How true is that?

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Why do we always bargain with the poor?

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