This Little Girl From ‘Ta Ra Rum Pum’ Has Grown Up Into A Gorgeous Babe ( Angelina Idnani )

Remember this cute little girl ( Angelina Idnani ) from the popular 2007 released semi-hit Bollywood movie “Ta Ra Rum Pum”?


Yes, you guessed it right! She played the role of Priya Singh aka “Princess”!2-28-600x338

Angelina Idnani portrayed the character of daughter of Rani Mukerji and Saif Ali Khan.

There was a little boy along with Angelina Idnani in the movie named Ali Haji. He underwent 3 auditions for the role of Saif and Rani’s son while Angelina had been called for 4th audition prior to being finalized for the character of Princess.4-21-600x302

Even though she did a good job in the movie, Angelina was not seen in any other film after “Ta Ra Rum Pum”.


‘Ta Ra Rum Pum’ featured a little lad who played Rani-Saif’s daughter in the movie. Well, the kiddo has now grown up into the a beautiful diva.Angelina Idnani


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