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Angry Dreams Interpretation

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Anger is one of the strongest emotions. From animals to humans, anger exists in everyone. There are different meanings of being angry in your dreams. These could be both – positive and negative.

Dream Analysis:

Many people are unable to express themselves well in their real lives and they feel angry about it. Being angry could be the replication of your emotional state of mind and to an extent, physical too.Angry Dreams 01

Feeling angry does not necessarily relate to short temperament always. It could also be related to feeling frustrated, irritated, disappointed, and demotivated towards life or certain situations.

Do not blame yourself for the negative things happening around you. Try to analyze what is making you frustrated or why are you angry in reality? The various situations of being angry in dreams are trying to convey what exactly is happening or will happen in your life.

You must make an attempt to understand what your dreams are trying to convey. Find out who is angry in the dream, what is making you angry and the different things that are making you feel frustrated in the dream.Angry Dreams 03

Most Common Angry Dreams and Meaning:

• Being angry at someone you love:


This could be because someone whom you love deeply is not doing things as you expect. Their ignorance is making you feel frustrated and angry at them. However, you are unable to express it clearly to that person. Try talking to that person patiently and privately to come out of this situation.

• Being scolded by someone else:

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if you dream of someone being angry at you, your sub-conscious mind is trying to make you realize of your guilt. Try to understand why the person was angry and find out that situation in your real life. Perhaps, you may have hurt someone and now you are unable to ask for an apology.

• Dreaming of angry animals chasing you:

Скалящийся волк

If you see an angry dog or cat chasing you, it is related to some mistakes done by you recently or in the past. You are guilt of these errors made and feel frustrated about it. The anger by animals here depicts that you are unable to accept these errors and wherever you go, the guilt is chasing you.

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