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How to apply Lip Liner Perfectly Every Time in Just 3 Easy Steps

Lip liner is one of those magical beauty tools that serves multiple purposes: It defines your mouth, helps your lipstick stay put, and can make your lips look more plump, should you so desire. The only problem is that it’s a little daunting to use. But this trick is the easiest way to apply it perfectly every single time. We promise! So read ahead and get enlightened with some of the tricks that everybody’s in the Hollywood is using, because who doesn’t want a natural pucker up lips?

Benefits of using lip liner before the lipsticks

  • Lip liner makes the lips attractive by defining the edges.
  • They will also help to bleed the lipstick, like some lipsticks are very liquid like in consistency so that way lip liners can help to give a boundary to the lips and they will not bleed.
  • Lip liners can also make the lips look plump and bigger in size by outlining. Similarly, we can use lip liners to make the lip smaller in size. For that the lip will appear smaller by in lining.
  • Lip lining also makes the lipstick to last longer on the lips.

Exfoliate your lips

The first step to getting the perfect pout is prepping your lips. While balm is great, sometimes you need a little bit more. Applying balm day after day will just lead to a build-up and, in the meantime, your dead skin cells are just sitting there and waiting to mess up your lipstick. If you want killer lips, you need a good palette. Enter exfoliation. If exfoliating your lips isn’t part of your regular beauty routine, there is no better time than now to start.

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Learn to color within the lines

Take the lip liner and start by lining from the center of the upper lip. Make the shape there. Then take the lip liner towards the corner of the mouth and draw and line from corner of the mouth to the center of the upper lips. Do the same on the bottom lip as well. Pay attention to your cupid’s bow. It can be tricky to properly line it. Draw lip liner from each side of the small line, connecting it to the corners. It’s okay if it’s not perfectly straight.

How To Apply Lip Liner
How To Apply Lip Liner

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Fill in your lips

If you want your lipstick to last all day long, or if you simply love the color of your lip liner, fill in your lips and blot. Now that you have finished applying the lip liner, use a lipstick or lip-gloss over the lips! Ensure you fill in the lips using a lip brush to blend the lipstick into the line. I suggest you to pick an angled brush which will give your lips better definition than if you were just applying straight out of the lipstick tube.

For the final touch, use a cotton bud to clean any color that may have come out beyond the lip line. Your lips are now full, lined and beautiful, so go flaunt them!

Hope this tutorial has helped you in your lip lining skills. Let us know if you have any suggestions in the comment box below. We value your feedback.


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