Are You Dating A Perfect man…..Really ,Is this a perfect date??

There are Questions to Ask Yourself like ‘ am I dating a perfect man‘ To get a “Perfect Guy” is a Problem this days but whatever the case, you don’t have to be susceptible to getting in a relationship with the wrong damn man for what looks like the right reasons.
With that stated here are five signs to look for to avoid being deceived by a so-called “perfect guy:”
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1. Are you projecting your desires on him?
This is the mistake most women make when dating any man. You see what you want to see as opposed to seeing what’s really there. IF you find yourself justifying or compensating for things he does or says, that’s your first mistake. And he is not a perfect date for u.

2. Is he giving you too much attention too soon?
Any time you call a man and he always answers the phone,or he responds to all of your text right away, or you ask him to do something that you know most men would NOT be interested in doing and he quickly says yes, that’s a long way from normal.
The truth is that a man who’s truly interested in you may accommodate you frequently, even majority of the time, but “ALL” the time? Hell to the N.O. That’s not normal, nor is it realistic. If anything that’s a sign he may have a hidden agenda, or he be controlling and/or obsessive.
This may enchant at first, but later, trust me it’s going to blow up in your face. Think about it, is this the guy u want to date? is this a perfect date?

3. Does he over communicate?
When you see a man texting you more than a couple of times a day, or calling you morning, noon, and night, that’s another red flag.Most men don’t like talking on the phone, nor do theyunhappy-couple life and lesson 01
desire a lot of conversation. Don’t confuse interaction with obsession. Many times controlling men use over communication as a means of keeping tabs on you. The moment you make yourself unavailable his attentive behavior can quickly shift prying and stalking.Trust me he is not perfect date for you..

4. Is there too much passion?
Do the two of you have intense confrontations followed by intense make-up s’ex? If so, run.
Though this may validate your immediate need for emotional validation and connectivity, it’s a quick way to head down the wrong path and right into a mutually co-dependent dysfunctional love/hate relationship. Later these tension filled interactions become increasingly hostile while becoming more the rule than the exception to should stop to date him. its not a perfect date.

5. Does he have “Wally Clever Syndrome”?
Most men have at least two or more bad habits. He either swears too much, is in love with a hobby or a sport, is a bit sloppy, or is in someway irresponsible. Put mildly, normal men have some type of flaw.Any time you date a man who’s so good at masking his flaws you need to ask yourself what else is he hiding. then it must not be a perfect date.

I recommend two things to all of my female clients: First,be that which you seek. Second, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. In other words, real love does exist. There is somebody for everybody, but when it’s too good, it ain’t true.

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There’s no such thing as the perfect man. However, there is a such thing as the perfect man for you. If you haven’t met him yet, patiently continue preparing yourself. When it’s your due season you will reap.
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