This Beautiful New Song By Arjun Kanungo Will Melt Your Heart!

We just love love LOVE Arjun Kanungo and his amazing voice. He makes every song sound so magical! Is it just us or do you feel the same too? sanam mere sanam 

His new song featuring Mithoon, called “Sanam Mere Sanam” is just so beautiful, it just makes our hearts melt! We really like songs that can put across the feeling of being in *love* and this song does the job perfectly.

We still remember when we fell in love with his song “Fursat”, and now “Sanam Mere Sanam” is making us fall in love with him all over again.

This song tells the most beautiful love story and we’re having a hard time deciding whether we like the track more or the video. This number is going to be played on loop by us, and we’re quite sure that it’s going to be stuck in your mind for a long, long time! So what are you waiting for? Listen to this song and share it with your soulmate, this is even better than saying “I love you”… <3 sanam mere sanam


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