How to Attract a Gemini Woman

Want to know how to attract a Gemini woman? Gemini women are not looking for the usual stability and security, they want a partner who excites them.

Personality of Gemini woman

The main feature in the personality of Gemini woman is high speed with which she comes in life. The pace of her lifestyle tends to velocity, she wants to do everything successfully in time. At the same rime the personality of Gemini woman is immensely communicative, she is a good friend and listener, it is very comfortable and nice to spend time with her. She spreads her positive energy to everyone she talks to, she surprises people with her intellectual skills.
With all that the personality of Gemini woman consists of such features as inconsistency and changeability, which can’t influence other people. Her mood changes quite fast and she can be cold now and hot in few minutes. So it is almost impossible to predict what she is going to do net moment. Her nature is pretty dual: she can live two different lives at the same time and be good at both of them. Gemini woman is communicative and easy-going, it is normal for her to get in contact with people she doesn’t know, she likes to flirt, she can date two men at the same time.

What Does A Gemini Woman Not Like In A Man?

There are a few traits that the Gemini woman cannot tolerate in a man and knowing this would save you from heartache.

  • Possessive nature – while she can dedicate her life to her man, when she finds him she is repelled by anyone who restrains her lifestyle. She will have more men friends than woman friends in most cases. She will not tolerate anyone trying to curtain her freedom or interfering with her friends.
  • Easy conquests – even if you are swept off your feet by this woman, do not let her know that. She will be flattered, she will love the feeling but she will move on immediately. She needs to enjoy the conquest; if it is too easy, it’ no fun for her.
  • Introvert nature – the Gemini woman is adventure itself. She needs parties, vacations, change, and excitement every day. She cannot fall in love with a man who would rather watch a game on TV or have a quiet dinner instead of her type of “fun”.
  • Slow in catching up moods – she is mercurial. She is unpredictable. You need to keep up with her all the while. Whether she is bubbling with effervescent joy or busy planning something – you need to match her mood.
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How To Seduce A Gemini Woman: 5 Foolproof Tips

It is not easy to seduce a Gemini woman. She is demanding, quick to change her mind and to add to the troubles, not inclined to settle too quickly. Here are a few tips that would help you catch and keep this woman.

1. Flirt like crazy

It’s essential to be a good flirt in order to seduce a Gemini woman. Of course you’re unlikely to be able to match this girl’s own flirting skills, since she’s a master of the game. But you’ll at least need to be capable of holding your own when it comes to love banter, so clue up on some good flirt- and come-back lines. Teasing this girl a little and playing hard to get are seduction tactics she’s likely to respond well to since she sees love as an enjoyable game. The truth is a Gemini woman never likes to take love too seriously.

2. Give her lots of space

The average Gemini woman will run a mile from anyone foolish enough to think they can tie her down. So to be in with a chance of getting her to fall in love with you, you have to give her lots of space. This requires an element of trust on your part of course, which might not be easy with this silver-tongued charmer, but at the end of the day you have little choice. Acting possessively with a Gemini girl or pressurizing her into commitments before she’s ready will have the effect of repelling rather than attracting her.

3. Make her laugh

You don’t need to be outstandingly good looking to attract a Gemini woman. Far more important, in her eyes, is a sparkling personality and a great sense of humor. Rather than waste your time titivating your appearance in an effort to seduce her, focus instead on polishing your wit and being funny and entertaining. Send her amusing emails at frequent intervals, keep everything light and fluffy and appeal to her inner child (Gemini women never really grow up). It’s okay to be as silly and frivolous as you want with a Gemini woman.

4. Listen to her

If you are planning to spend your life with this woman, you need to get used to listen because she loves talking. Do not think for one moment that you can fool her though – you need to actively listen and when needed make appropriate and intelligent remarks

5. Make her feel alive

Don’t forget that monotony, boredom and dullness are harmful for a Gemini woman. She needs newness, communication, she always wants new interesting events and things in her life. Invite her to trips and hikes, different parties with a lot of cheerful people, take her to exhibitions, theatres, cinemas, museums. Everything that you can imagine. Your goal is to make her feel that she is alive, that she has a good time. Remember that loneliness is unacceptable for the nature of Gemini woman, so you should always be with her. She will be loyal to you until she is satisfied by your intellectual, material and sexual abilities. A Gemini woman expects you to be perfect in everything so don’t disappoint her or you will loose her.

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