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bag dreams 03Bag is the sign of responsibilities in life. The things you carry in a bag reveal different information about your current life. There is a lot more to say about this.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

A bag’s symbol denotes all your life’s responsibilities and the things inside depicts either the people in your life or the different roles you perform. These roles bag dreams 01could be related to your fatherhood, motherhood, job, business partner and a lover.
Dreaming of a bag could either state your openness or your closeness with others. For instance, dreaming of an open bag represents that your life is open and you have a friendly nature to welcome people in your world. On the other hand, a closed bag in the dream denotes your closed or reserved nature.
Try to relate the bag with the current responsibilities of your life. You are either too burdened or you are not responsible at all. Sometimes, we use symbols to interpret the entire meaning of the dream. Thus, it is essential that you remember every item that you saw inside your bag, while you were dreaming.bag dreams 02

Most Common Bag Dreams :
• Overloaded Bag: Many people often dream that they are carrying an overloaded a bag and things are falling off from it. Such dreams convey that you are overburdened with responsibilities and quite often, you are unable to handle these.
• Ripping or Tearing Bag: The dream where you see your bag tearing or ripping means that the pressure to handle different responsibilities is finally blowing off. Do not let the people reach you for solutions always. Stop overdoing things just to make others happy. Remember, you have a life too and so, you must carry only as much as you can handle.
• Bagful of Junk: Often we dream of carrying a bag, which is full of junk. The worst part is that we are unable to find a trash can to throw the junk from the bag. The junk in your bag signifies that you are loaded with unwanted things in life and badly wish to get rid of it. However, you are unable to find a proper reason and time to express yourself.

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