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ball ddreams 03The symbol of ball in the dream world depicts your courage, strength and confidence to face things in life. There are some more meanings added to this.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

The shape of the ball is like a sphere. A ball is round like an Earth and thus, it dball dreams 04epicts the universal strength and perfection. Your dream may convey different meanings depending on how you see the ball. Seeing and playing the ball may also convey different meanings in relation to your determination and corwardness.
If you see moving ball in your dream, it shows that your life is moving and so are the situations in your life. Perhaps, if you have been through heartbreak, it is time to move on. A football game reflects the passion and energy of sports persons. Thus, the symbol of ball indicates the sign of courage in life.
Throwing the ball up in the air shows your confidence to challenge the world against you. Spinning of the ball in the opposite direction may indicate downfall. You may have to find out the reasons that are making the things upside down in your career or personal life.ball dreams 02

Most Common Ball Dreams :
• Someone playing with a Ball: To dream of someone playing a ball signifies lack of confidence. It means that you do not have the courage to join these players and you take a backseat to watch them playing. This may lead to difficult situations in life, as you are unable to showcase your skills and talent.
• Playing a Ball: Playing a ball depicts your sporty nature. This dream confirms that you enjoy the group activities and love to take up new challenges in life. Playing a ball means that you must accept more challenges in life and try to perform them brilliantly.
• Kicking a ball: Kicking a ball is a common dream, which often comes to those people who do not take any shit in life. It also depicts loss of stress. In simple words, it conveys your confidence to accept any major challenges in life. These challenges could be your health issues, politics in the job, and struggle for money.

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