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Bay – Dreams Interpretation

bay dreams 01Bay is the symbol for shelter and birth. Bay dreams also signify different meanings about the environment around you.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

Bay is related to a coastline in the dream. Seeing a bay in dream depicts that someone is trying to cross your boundary. This boundary could be your family life, your career life, your marital life and your emotional state of mind.bay dreams 04
Many people dream about seeing someone standing on the bay. It may be a hint that someone is trying to interfere in your married life. There are risks of an extra-marital affair. Try to keep distance with this person and avoid throwing a pebble in the calm water of your sexual life.
As per the spiritual teachings, seeing a coastline along with the bay displays protection. There are different to notice about the bay dream. Calm and peaceful bay area displays two scenarios – loneliness or peace. Analyze the things that can bring peace in your life and break free from the loneliness by meeting new people.bay dreams 03

Most Common Bay Dreams:
• Crowded Bay: Seeing a crowded bay in dream depicts that you are very satisfied with your life. Your life is full of people whom you love and feel protected with. On the negative side, this may also mean that you are suffocated with too much of interference in your love. See the situations around you and understand what your dream is trying to convey to you.
• Lonely at the Bay: If you find yourself lonely at the bay, your dream depicts your loneliness and independence at the same time. On the positive side, it means that you are enjoying your independence and enjoy taking decisions on your own. From the negative side of the dream, it means that you are lonely and want some support badly in life. These two scenarios are completely opposite to each other and only your current situation will help you to realize, which one is most relevant with your life.
• Lying on the Bay: Dreaming of a coastal line with a bay, signifies sexuality. It shows that you need someone in your life desperately and make him/her a part of your sexual desires. Start dating people to find your perfect partner.

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