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Bean – Dreams Interpretation

bean dreams 01Beans are a food item and thus, it depicts a person’s lifestyle. There are many links associated with a Bean in dreams.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

According to various dream interpretations, a bean symbolizes health and lifestyle. It also depicts nourishment. It’s as simple to understand that dreaming of a bean in good condition means good news and in bad condition means negativity.
Beans are used in many games of corporates bean dreams 02and thus, these are also related to recreation in life. Seeing a bean in dream means that you need some recreational activity in life. This could be either related to an interest, hobby or a quick break from the routine work.
Check the condition of the bean in your dream. If you have seen a rotten bean, it means that you will have some health related concerns. Get yourself medically tested. You may be suffering from some deficiency in the body. Beans refer to your physical state and may hint you about something that it not rightbean dreams 04.

Most Common Bean Dreams :
• Fresh Bean: Seeing a fresh bean in dream denotes that you must learn a new skill. This could be anything from a cooking course to a professional human resource program. Increasing the number of skills will bring fresh opportunities in life. Moreover, the fresh beans are related to good health.
• Bean Bag: If you dreamt of relaxing on a bean bag, it means that you badly need a break. Check what is disturbing you and making you highly bored. If this is related to your personal life or boring job, plan a vacation. Your soul is trying to convey that your body needs some rest.
• To Juggle with Beans: Many people dream about someone juggling with beans. This could either be yourself or someone else. A juggler confuses people by his art. This means that someone might try to confuse you in life to take the right decision. It may be due to too many advices. I would suggest you listen to all, but decide what you feel is best for your life. Relate the art of juggling with your life’s decisions and juggle with them as per the priorities.

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