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Bear – Dreams Interpretation

bear dreams 03Bear have two major features to confuse anyone easily. Their cute face and furry body reminds the all-time favorite childhood buddy – Teddy Bear. On the other hand, their wild nature and bold personality can freeze anyone’s spine.
Let’s find out what they mean in your dreams:

There are various dreams connected to a Bear. All these situations may hint you on various things such as; Confidence, Danger, Courage and Patience. Bear also represents the different bear dreams 02stages of life. For instance, the calm and patient nature of the bear relates the calm mind of a person who adapts to challenging situations.
Remember the size of the bear and the activity that it was doing. Seeing mother bear signifies security, protection and assurance in life. If you have a similar dream, try to relate and understand if you are missing your mother’s love or if your children need the motherly love from you.
Bears in dream also give signs about the inner feelings and nature. Their behavior will help you to understand what you feel and what you are missing in life. Do a self-analysis and check what exactly you are missing in life.bear dreams 04

Most Common Bear Dreams :
• Brown Bear: Brown bears reflect the color of mud by Mother Nature. Thus, dreaming of a brown bear is very common in people, who are good-natured and calm personalities. Perhaps, your soul is feeling happy to see you this way, and it is hinting that you continue to be as soft hearted as the fur of a bear and as calm as his nature.
• Wild Bear Chasing You: If you see a wild bear chasing you, it means that you have hurt someone very bad and that person is sulking in anger or betrayal. Try to recollect this person and ask for an apology right away. It is possible that your guilt is chasing you like a wild bear and instead of running away, patching up things will help greatly.
• Polar Bear: This is one of the most common bear dreams. White color is the symbol of peace and seeing a white polar bear in dream means that you need some peace in life. There are possibilities that your dream is indicating you to solve the quarrels in the house or the politics at your workplace.

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