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As die-hard beauty fans, we take immense pride in our makeup collection. But your beauty box is rather incomplete if you don’t have the right makeup and skin care accessories that’ll up your beauty game. Here’s revealing what they are…

An eyelash curlercurler

Vega Premium Eye Lash Curler

If you’ve ever used an eyelash curler, you know of its superpowers. But if you haven’t, it needs to be in your beauty bag right now! After all, this is the one-stop-solution to achieving dreamy, fluttery lashes. An eyelash curler curls your lashes so beautifully, you’ll be surprised about how it revamps your eyes. A beauty trick would be to apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly on your lashes to get rid of any bacteria first and then go for the power tool—hold your lashes between the curler and release. You’ll notice a significant change in your lashes. Apply some mascara and say hello to gorgeous curly lashes.
A fancy makeup pouchmakeup

Vega Premium Eye Lash Curler

There’s only one way to do justice to the makeup you hold so close to your heart—keep them safe in a pretty makeup pouch. Just like your clothes need a closet, your makeup too needs to be away from bacteria and debris in a pretty pouch that represents your undying love for all things makeup. So go ahead, get this beauty accessory and give your makeup a fancy residence.
A skin cleansing system

Oriflame Sweden SkinPro Cleansing System

Your skin might look cleansed but when you think of all the pollution, sun damage, excessive makeup and grime it comes in contact with every day, you will believe that there’s so much debris in your skin that might not even be visible with the naked eye. And this is exactly why you should reach out for a skin cleansing system. It has the power to deeply cleanse your skin, remove makeup and impurities as well as stimulate blood flow. You just need to add a face cleansing liquid to the brush and switch it on while it gently massages your skin leaving it looking clean and radiant.
A set of makeup brushesgirls 2

Your makeup is of no use if you don’t have the right tools to use it. Makeup brushes will allow you to evenly spread your makeup without making it look patchy. Like one of the biggest makeup bloopers you can make is when your foundation is clearly visible on your face instead of being seamless. It ends up looking patchy and cakey. Your fingers aren’t as equipped as a makeup brush to even out your foundation perfectly. This is exactly why you need a foundation brush. Additionally, an angled brush, lip brush, blush brush, powder brush, contouring brush and eyeshadow brush will aid you in applying the rest of your makeup just as perfectly!
Premium Quality Makeup Brush Set – 15 Piece Set with Black Leather Case BLACK
A spooliespoolie
Duo Angled Eyebrow Brush with Spoolie

A spoolie looks a lot like a mascara wand but has a longer handle. It might seem like an unnecessary item in your beauty box but it has some unbeatable powers. It’s fantastic for removing those ugly extra clumps that rest on your lashes after having applied mascara. But the greater reason why we swear by spoolies is for the magic they do to eyebrows. They can distribute pigment evenly so you achieve that power brow look and can even groom errant hair.

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