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10 Best Bridal Mehendi Design Combos For Your Hands And Feet To Complete Your Bridal Look

Traditionally, mehendi has always been of a great importance for an Indian bride. Even today, a bride is considered incomplete if her hands are not clad with beautiful and vibrant mehendi. Apart from adding to a bride’s beauty, it also has a calming effect on the brides.

They say that when a bride is jittery and nervous before her marriage, the henna on her hands and feet help in soothing her nerves and thus make her comfortable and peaceful before the D-day.

So, here are some of the best bridal mehendi design combos for your hands as well as feet to give you the perfect wedding look. The best part about these designs is that you can always adorn them on Karva Chauth, especially your first one! Take a look.

1. The Royal Mughal mehendi


The Mughal inspired mehendi is aesthetically beautiful and filled with intricate motifs. You can find that even the smallest design is detailed and visible. This mehendi will give you a glamorous as well as graceful look. A king and a queen portrait perfectly represent the bride and the groom. Be it till your elbow or just above the wrist, these designs look good at any length. Going with the flow, the feet mehendi should also be intricate.

2. Lord Ganesha-inspired mehendi


Lord Ganesha is considered to be the harbinger of good luck and prosperity. And on the auspicious occasion of marriage, his blessings are always sought. Drawings of Lord Ganesha on your mehendi design will simply look divine and beautiful. You can also add the Om symbol to your design. As a matter of respect, Ganesha mehendi should never be applied on feet, and thus, you can opt for a simple design for your feet with floral motifs.

3. Geometric mehendi design


For those who do not like curves, and prefer their lines straight and sharp can opt for geometric mehendi design. These designs look absolutely fabulous and neat. Also, these designs look good when you prefer short length mehendi. Try the same theme for your feet with minimal and distinct geometric shapes.

4. The Radha Krishna mehendi


Any bride would love to have the symbol of divine love on her hand. Imprints of Radha and Krishna playing raasleela or in their iconic pose with flute look really appealing. Of course, it is a bit difficult to draw this mehendi design, but the results are all worth the wait. In order to have a matching mehendi design on your feet, you can have either a peacock or paisley print.

5. The Elephant mehendi design


Elephant is the symbol of royalty and anything which is majestic and grand. In olden times, the king used to come on an elephant to the wedding venue. Thus, elephant design looks stunning as your mehendi design. You can just have an elephant with other prints or an elephant print with a king mounted on it.

6. The Lotus Bloom mehendi


Lotus is considered to be the best flower whether it is yet to bloom or it has completely bloomed. Henna designs with lotus look intricate as well as extraordinary. Even lotus inspired motifs on feet look marvellous.

7. The Wedding-theme mehendi


A bride’s moods and moments captured in her mehendi is by far the most beautiful design. A dancing bride, to a coy bride, to the one waiting for her lover is simply amazing. Such designs should have minutest of details to give the best look to the bridal mehendi. For the feet, there should be out and out detailed and expansive mehendi, rich with intricate drawings.

8. The Circular design mehendi


Circular mehendi design looks lavishly beautiful. Add to it some beautiful floral, paisley or freehand design to enhance its look. It can fill your hands and give a really chic look. Try the same design on your feet to have a beautiful combo of bridal mehendi.

9. The Complementing mehendi


It takes two to tango, literally! This mehendi will have a finishing look only when both the hands and both the feet are together. A freehand design with a mirror image on both sides looks fabulous. It also looks great from the photography point of view.

10. Colourful mehendi


While the peacock, paisley or human figures’ design in mehendi is quite common, it is now fashionable to wear these on your mehendi with colours. This looks simply out of the world. You can try Arabic style or even traditional mehendi design with glitters and colours.

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Mehendi is that beautiful thing which every woman adores. But the love for mehendi goes to a different level when it is to be worn by the bride or a newlywed bride getting ready for her Karva Chauth. We hope you loved these beautiful bridal mehendi design combos for your hands and feet. Just don’t forget to tell us which one you are going to wear for your wedding!

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