The 10 Best Moments In Every Relationship

Yeah, there are probably more than 10...

In any love story, the perfect end should lead to a new beginning which is marriage. Marriages are made in heaven and it is because of those some great moments, many wonderful sweet memories are formed. In a relationship, you need to give your everything to your partner whom you love and adore. Respecting each other, caring for each other and nurturing the relationship to make it last forever are important.

The best thing you can do is, sit with your love and then read it on! It’s beautiful to cherish those PEHLI BAAR MOMENTS!

1. The First Date Moment

You took 2 hours to get ready for your first date. You wanted to look best that day! You wanted to impress him. You were nervous and there were lots of butterflies in your stomach! You saw him right there in front of your eyes, what were the feelings?

2. Remember Your First Kiss?

Did you remember your first kiss with him? How was it? Were you nervous? Did you felt that nervous pause right before your first kiss? Where you kept your hands while kissing him? Were you confused? OMG! So many feeling in just one moment! How did it feel.

3. Remember Your First Sex With Him?

OMG! You were nervous, shy, confused, excited, happy but afraid. There were so many mixed emotions at a moment when you were making love with him! But all over, how was it? You still remember the excitement level for your first sex?

4. The Romatic Moment

Wasn’t it cute and romantic? Doing nothing in the bed and just watching each other for hours is so romantic and amazing! All the girls who have experienced this moment will definitely agree to this!

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5. The First Anniversary

No matter what the milestone, an anniversary is always a special commemorative moment in a relationship. It’s a day to hold dear everything that makes your relationship amount to what it is. Every anniversary ought to be marked in the manner your relationship deserves. Spare no expense on creating a distinctive treat for you and your loved one.


6. Waiting To See Your Partner After A Long Time Moment

You were so curious and so eager to see him. You were just waiting for him to reach. It feels like you were excited, nervous, happy and your patience is growing old with every passing second! You met him after a long time. It was Out Of The World Moment for both of you!

7. The Hardcore Fight!

You had a mad fight with him, but from your deep inside, you knew you never wanted to break up! You tried hard to make that relationship work because you knew that you can’t live without him. How was that feeling? Were you afraid to lose him or you missed him in those mad fights? You remember that very first fight of your relationship?

8. The ‘I Love You’ Moment

One of the best moments in any relationship is when the couple expresses their love for each other. It is important to not forget this wonderful moment as you can look back at that moment one day and share a smile worth a million bucks.

9. The Moment Of Tears 

In any relationship, there are ups and downs. It depends upon how you go through that period with your partner. Being there for each other and wiping each others’ tears are moments no partner will ever forget in a long time.

10. A Shoulder To Lean On 

Give your partner a shoulder to lean on and he or she will be there for you for the rest of your life. It is important to support each other in good times and in bad. It makes the relationship stronger.

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